Are You Really Ready to Have Kids?

After the happy early marriage years the couple has to plan the family eventually and while they do so they need to know if they really are ready to have kids or not. The lady has to specifically know if she is ready to go through everything that comes along the package of the desire to have kids. The lady needs to know is she is ready to have a baby, she can try walking around for months with a bean bag; this will give her a fair idea of what it is like to be expecting and carrying the baggage along.

This is one simple test to know if you are ready to have kids. To know if you are ready for being a parent or ready to take up the challenges of parenting you need to test yourself through the following tests;

Everything you find adorable about kids might turn out to be a totally terrifying parenting challenge once you are a parent so be prepared for being a good parent and for the essentials require that you be sure about having kids.

1. Be prepared

The women need to be prepared for the pregnancy since they can either be the most difficult nine months of the life or the lady might as well just enjoy the time period with the ease. To be prepared for this situation they need to try putting on lose fit clothes and try on a bean bag hanging with them and after 9 months only 5% of the weight of the bean bag goes away not all of it. Be prepared for a body out of shape; every woman will have to be prepared to make the effort to be back in shape.

On the other hand the men need to be prepared to take up the financial responsibility. They can try going to the local chemist and know how it feels like to tip the contents of their wallet onto the counter. Know the feeling of having an empty wallet after a visit to the super market trip and the feeling of not being able to read the newspaper peacefully.

2. Know the answers

Meet a couple who already has kids and suggest methods to discipline lack of patience, appallingly low tolerance levels and how they allowed their children to run wild. While you suggest ways in which they might improve their child’s sleeping habits, toilet training, table manners and overall behavior; know that it’s easier done than said. Try and keep their child at your home for a couple of days.

3. Disturbed nights and couple time

After you have kids your attention is divided you may not be able to give the complete attention to your partner just because you had a disturbed night and a hectic day. Practice walking around your living room the entire evening carrying a wet bag of approximately 12 pounds with a radio turned on or some other static or obnoxious sound playing loudly. This just doesn’t end the exercise can be repeated after every hour almost?

Of course all this doesn’t just imply that you will have a disturbed sleep rather you will want high levels of patience along with the power to deal with all this.

Also be ready to dress up a little kid before you leave the house. If you are going somewhere you need to be ready and get the child ready on time. All this has to be done by both the parents. Imagine an octopus being put in a string bag so that no arms hang out; it is similar to preparing a child.

If you really are ready to have kids but the art of parenting is how to take the entire situation skillfully. If you take it all easy then you will love kids. Once you have kids you can’t live with or without them.

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