Decor Your Home to Welcome 2013

Give your home a new look this year. Start over. You deserve a new beginning and so does your home. 2013 is here and your home should also look as though it has stepped right into a new era. Cleaning is a good way to start. Thoroughly clean your house – wash the curtains, bed sheets, dust the furniture and de-clutter your closets. You may not notice but over a period of time a lot of stuff gets accumulated in your closets. Never be afraid too throw away things you don’t need because after all there is no point in holding onto trash. If you have not needed those extra pair of stockings that have been lying around for 2 years, then you probably won’t have any need for it in 2013 either.
Once you are done with cleaning the closets, it is time to make some room by moving the furniture around. Have you noticed how breathing in a big room, that has ample free space is a whole lot easier than it is in a room that is cluttered and overstuffed? To breathe easy and give yourself a visual space, take out extra furniture and set it up in a manner that gives you breathers. A little extra space would do you good and would work as a relaxant for you whenever you come home after a busy day at work. If you really want to lighten up your day, give your walls a paintjob. Choose lighter colours as they do not weigh so heavily on your mood and also give your place a much neater and cleaner look.
After you have done all the hard work of cleaning and de-cluttering, you need to pamper yourself. Take a break or a drink – freshen up to welcome the New Year 2013 with some zeal. Decorate your home nicely and light up some candles or colorful lighting to greet the change of date. Lighting up the place completes the whole ambience of festivity and also gives your home a brighter, happier look and feel. Once you’ve everything in place, it’s time to get your party shoes on. Did you know you don’t have to throw a grand party to have fun? Just invite some friends over for tea, loosen up, and engage in a casual chit chat. Make yourself at ease – forget about your worries without thinking what the future may hold.

Cleaning, de-cluttering, of making space and assorted tips on how to decorate your home for the arrival of 2013.

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