FAS Design Studio

Faraz Abid Sheikhu is known for his unique style and understanding of what looks and feels beautiful interlaced with a sense of luxury. His regal designs are developed with a modern aesthetic.

His eye for gorgeous fabrics, beautiful embellishments and outstanding designs plus creative intrinsic sense turned around his destiny and became one of the most promising designer in Pakistan fashion industry. Genius in creativity, FAS is known for designing traditional, rich and opulent apparels in combination with modern western silhouettes.

His collections evoke an ethereal beauty, which appeals to a discerning clientele. Started the label with a workforce of three persons, the label has gained a strong social perspective in no time due to its distinctly modern marked by rich colors, lush fabrics, playful patterns and flawless construction. He has become “THE WANTED DESIGNER” in a very short period of time and most women require him to make them irresistible.


It takes time to cultivate a signature look. My creations reflect magnetism towards traditional heritage with a modern twist. Sculpting the modern on a classic canvas. My style is one that most people can connect with.Inspiration can come from anything but how to bring it to life is a real challenge. FAS designs epitomize global glamour.

Detailed craftsmanship with intricate embellishments, subtle colors with vibrant accents, perfectly balanced on sleek, flattering and classical silhouettes emboldened by exquisite embroidery, trendy motifs and eclectic designs. FAS combined the elegance and sophistication of yesterday, dynamism and funk of today to produce a unique version of tomorrow.

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