Wife of Accused Rebuffs Zaira Wasim’s Molestation Claim

Wife of the man accused of molesting Dangal actress Zaira Wasim mid-flight has snubbed the allegation saying that her husband is a family man.

She totally and bluntly rejected the accusation that her spouse chevvied the young girl. She said if her husband Vikas Sachdev did it, why Zaira Wasim not complained immediately to cabin crew.

“If I was in her place, I would have right away given reaction on any such action,” she said while talking to an Indian news channel.

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Vikas was arrested from his home after Zaira Wasim’s live Instagram video went viral in which she complained of being harassed on flight. Divya said her husband was coming back after attending a death ceremony and he was physically and mentally too fatigued, hence he was fast asleep and his foot inadvertently slid onto Zaira’s armchair in front of him. “He went to Delhi where his Mama Ji had died. He had a really busy day and was coming back from an early morning flight to Mumbai.

“Vikas first of all asked the cabin crew for a blanket and told them not to wake him up for meal. You can imagine if one of your relatives has died, you are already in a state of shock and trauma. He was exhausted as it had been more than 24 hours since he could not sleep. And if during the sleep his foot touched her arm then it is not intentional. It is not molestation. It’s not sexual harrassment,” she said. She went on saying that if Zaira felt harrassed then why she did not forthwith take action against him, why she not said anything while onboard the two-hour long flight.

The wife said the only time the Secret Superstar protagonist said anything during the flight to her spouse was at the time of landing. “She said ‘why don’t you put your foot on my head’. He said ‘I am sorry ma’m. I was fast asleep. If any inconvenience caused, I extend my apologies’.” Police is probing the matter as court proceeding is going on on it. Divya also sought apology from the young actress personally and on her husband’s behalf. She said they were completely unaware of any such happening until police came their home at afternoon and held Vikas.

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