The Amazing Fall with the Amazing Makeup

Today’s agenda is the oozing makeup trend for fall / winter this season.  So, we’ll be discussing the dos of makeup for this chilling season.

Blazing Red

Though red never goes out of trend. Yet, the ultimate dark tones of red, purely blood reds are the go-go fall makeup trend for the season.

Out of Stroke

So you did not get us? Well the conventional application of liner is too boring. So, this fall the liner will hit on with different modes of application. The liner would be dramatic, will have wings, double wings, and will be patterned. This may also entail the smudgy kohl look.

Blush your way

Put aside the taupe blushers this season and hang on to the rosy blushers and peach blushers. Give yourself a blushing effect and highlight those cheek bones. Well, this is the trend for the fall makeup trend this season.

Shimmer is the new in

Create a metallic look by application of shimmer pencils of silver, gold and other prominent colors. Well, this is the trend for fall makeup this season and it also includes the application of glittery shimmery eye shades.

Very Very dark very very sexy

Oh, yes darker shades of lipsticks close to their hues towards black (the marking dark tone) are the sexiest hit ons for the fall make up trend this season. These are the hottest of the hottest looks for the daring women.

Shadow play

The shadow beneath the eye is another trend back from retrospect in fashion. This is a sure to go look for you ladies out there.

Lash them just lash them

Yes, heavy lashes, colored lashes are lash play is the go-go trend for the fall makeup trend this season. Lash your eyes to beauty women!

So, these are the most interesting trends of make up from the fall/winter trends this season. Pave your path to exclusive beauty by following what’s in. We are sure you’ll make the most out of it. Till then Happy Application!

Author: Haadiyah Mujahid

This is your guide to the makeup trends of fall that will make you pretty women stand out among the rest.

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