Sandal Khattak Breaks Silence Over Hareem Shah’s Leaked Videos

Regarding Hareem Shah’s allegations that she and Ayesha Naz leaked her private footage, Sandal Khattak has spoken out. Once multiple personal recordings of Hareem Shah, some of which were naked, were leaked, she made headlines. The TikToker acknowledged that she was in the videos and said that her pals Sandal Khattak and Ayesha Naz were responsible for the leak.

She said that while they shared a home, she was close to both ladies and that they had access to her phone. “I shot these films myself on my phone a few years ago,” said Hareem. “One of them was shot in Islamabad, and the other in Karachi. But, at the time when Sandal and Ayesha were living with me, they had taken my phone and stored the movies.

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“I had gotten threats from Sandal and Ayesha, suggesting that they would make my films public before my videos became viral.” Moreover, Hareem said that her friends had leaked the films in an effort to sabotage her marriage, adding: “Out of jealousy and envy, they stole my phone and exposed my private footage.” Even though Hareem vowed to sue them, no case has yet been brought by her.

Sundal Khattak

In response to the accusations, Sandal has pressed Hareem to bring a lawsuit against her and Ayesha. Why didn’t she report this to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) she questioned. “Why would we subject her to this? She ought to bring a lawsuit against me, Ayesha, or her boyfriend, but she ought to bring a lawsuit nevertheless. Sandal identified a number of inconsistencies in Hareem’s claims.

“Hareem told me her videos were shot by her lover, but now she’s saying her husband shot them,” she said. She said that her phone has been compromised, but iCloud cannot be compromised.

“A video getting leaked is a normal thing for Hareem.”

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Sandal went on to say that Hareem’s boyfriend was the one who recorded the footage, adding: Sandal declared that she would sue her old friend for damages for making false charges if Hareem was unable to verify her claims. Sandal said that the reason for the breakup of her friendship with Hareem was a financial issue.

She said that she had loaned money to Hareem. Hareem argued with Sandal as he demanded payment. “I did not take my money back and severed our acquaintance,” Sandal said. Sandal continued, saying that Hareem is blaming others for her own video release for fame.

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