Neha Malik Responds to Saba Faisal’s Statement: ‘Kick Her Out Of Family ‘

Actor Saba Faisal recently announced that she had dissociated herself from her son Salman Faisal and his wife Neha Malik as she was “mentally torturing” the family. In response to the actor’s statement, Neha has something to say about this issue.

Neha said, “Always stay on the righteous path no matter how hard it gets or even when you feel like you are a misfit in almost everything! Stay strong enough to withstand anything which is haram in any way – this world is temporary after all.”

Moreover, in her stories, she posted a hint for her fans as well as for her mother-in-law, “Never compare your life with the one who enjoys haram. They might look more successful than you or have more fun than you but in front of Allah, they’re nothing. And that’s what matters.”

Meanwhile, one of the social media users commented on her Instagram that she was no one to judge others. In reply, she said, “And who am I judging? Halal and Haram are obvious and if you think my post is directed to someone then ‘you’ are judging.”

Another user asked her if she was speaking the truth then she must leave the matter to Allah and focus on her deeds. She replied, “This post is a common message to all Muslims including me. I often think my life would be happier if I was into stuff that is common nowadays but I keep on telling myself that this world is a test.”

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