Finally! Nadia Hussain Opens Up About the Leaked Housemaid Video


Nadia Hussain Khan is a Pakistani television actress, host, supermodel, entrepreneur, and fashion designer. She's recognized as one of Pakistan's first supermodels. Animal Abuse by Nadia.

Leading actress and model Nadia Hussain has said in her viral video that negligence cannot be tolerated under any circumstances and negligence of electricity is not negligence but can lead to loss of life.

At the same time, she clarified that, Unlike the campaign, if it were true, and if their housemaid had done the same, they would have treated her the same way. Fashion designer Nadia Hussain also said that many girls in my parlor are so negligent that many electrical appliances and microwave ovens in her parlor have exploded.

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She shared the experiences in a video on her official Instagram account. Hussain further claimed she shared a story of my housemaid in which she said that the maid used a hairdryer after bathing my children.

And left the hairdryer running and this hair dryer lasted for 3 hours and then when I entered the room I wanted to close it, its plug was very hot which I grabbed with a cloth and closed it and this mistake could also endanger the lives of my children.

"My statement was linked to status in society, status does not matter in error and negligence and the owner or just can reprimand such negligence and I did the same," she said.

It must be noted that a few days ago, a video of Nadia Hussain went viral on social media in which she was seen scolding a housemaid for not turning off the switch and being happy on her mobile.

Nadia Hussain Shouts At Housemaid Over Electricity Bill
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