Mahira Khan Becomes Subject of Hate and Love from Commentors

A commentor reminded Mahira that she had yet to get a beating from India. This was posted on a happy picture of Mahira and her son.

The Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) controversy has engulfed Mahira Khan. This nationalist party of India has come up with a demand that artistes from Pakistan working in India should pack up and leave.

Interestingly this demand comes at a time when her Bollywood debut’s release about to take place. The MNS hater party has targeted her film and   threatened to stop its release because of her presence.

As for Mahira she is willing and ready to take the haters on. Tasteless comments appeared on a photograph of Mahira and her son watching a session of power hockey.

Saami786 commented, "apko india se abhi danday nahi paray", that is, "You have yet to get a beating from India", giving the impression that she is no longer going to be comfortable in India.

And the reply from Mahira wa: "aap ko apni ammi say parhe hotay toh iss tara ki bakwaas nahi kehte (If you’d been beaten by your mother, you’d know better than to spew such drivel)"

The commenter, who is of Pakistani origin, left a series of comments criticising her choice to work in India, but Mahira’s fan club took over and shut him down.

There were also heart-warming messages from Indian fans.

Suboohiii said, "Hey Mahira, such a lovely pic. So proud of you, babe. Big fan from across the border. We are all loving [Pakistani] dramas insanely. Don’t react to those fools, love. Haters gonna hate anyway. You are doing it all right… [Those Muslims who criticise you for your actions need to examine their own behaviour first.] May Allāh bless you with more success throughout life."

Mahira is focusing on promotion of good relations and advised her fans from both sides of the border to put should put their differences aside.

One Indian, Harinder Jeet said, "So unfortunate to see people bashing each other on a beautiful mother-son photograph. Let no one’s hatred affect you, Mahira. You have many admirers and your hard work and dedication to your work will keep inspiring us." 🙂

What happens when you troll Pakistani actress Mahira Khan for working in India.

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