Karisma Kapoor tests positive for Covid-19, says Sisiter Kareena Kapoor

Karisma Kapoor has tested positive for Covid-19, sister Kareena Kapoor Khan revealed to Kajol when the duo bumped into each other on Thursday morning. Kajol and Kareena met each other as they were shooting close by and the paparazzi snapped them at the perfect moment.

A video from their meet also made its way to social media and the actors can be seen chatting about their families, health, the virus and Kareena’s son Jeh. 

In the video, Kareena and Kajol can be seen twinning in white and black, as they stand for a few minutes and catch up after a long time. You can hear Kareena saying, “What’s happening?”. Kajol also can be heard asking Kareena, “How is your new baby?” To which, Kareena replies, “Oh god, he’s already a year. Covid, everything.. we all had Covid.”

At this point, Kajol added that she also was tested positive. That’s when Kareena revealed that older sister Karisma Kapoor tested Covid-19 positive on Wednesday. “Lolo just turned positive yesterday.” For the unversed, Karisma is addressed as Lolo by her friends and family. 

Both Kajol and Kareena also couldn’t help but point out that their respective husbands Ajay Devgn and Saif Ali Khan dodged the virus and chuckled about it. After a brief chat, the actresses headed their own way but not before hugging it out and saying bye. 

Check out Kareena and Kajol’s candid video below: 

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