What Is the Process of Surrogacy in India? What to Do if Indian Parents Want to Use Surrogacy?

A few years ago, India was the country with one of the best surrogacy opportunities for everyone. Unfortunately, it is not so anymore due to the changes in the law: nowadays, commercial surrogacy is not permitted. That means that technically this question is no anymore well regulated and the money cannot be officially paid to the clinic or surrogate mother. In fact, though there are still some opportunities for married couples (those who have been married for five or more years), it may be difficult to create a new life with the help of the World Center of Baby surrogacy in India.

One more negative fact is that now LGBTQ+ couples in India cannot use the services of a surrogate agency for any cost. Therefore, gay people should better try other countries with better laws and regulations and yet with better opportunities than desperately looking for a surrogacy agency in India.

Since surrogacy laws in India ban the opportunity to pay for surrogacy processes in this country or even have a surrogate mom from India, other countries are still better for such cases. For instance, this is viable also for gay couples or even single parents. The World Center of Baby can consult you in all the questions and will help you find a perfect country with a perfect surrogate mother for your future child.

What Are the Best International Alternatives to Surrogacy in India?

The cost of surrogacy in India could have been possibly lower than in other countries, however, surrogacy in India is anyway not a good choice. This is so also because it is always better to sign a contract safely without risks and through a qualified agency such as the World Center of Baby. This would in all circumstances heighten the baby and the surrogate mother ensuring the absence of stress.

The cost of gestational surrogacy in other countries such as Ukraine and Mexico is also relatively friendly. There, commercial surrogacy is fully legalized, and the packages of services the clinic provides will definitely satisfy you. The price will be stated in the contract, but before that, any couple can get a free consultation on the website to choose the most suitable way. There is also feedback on the forum. Those who have already tried international alternatives share their experience and tell their stories.

Reasons why you should choose the services of the World Center of Baby if you are a parent from India:

  • this clinic will ensure smooth legal processes and the best lawyers regarding the birth of a child: they will guide you through the smallest details and will guarantee success in everything;
  • everyone has a chance to become a parent: gay couples, single parents, other couples, etc. This agency stands for equality and has experience in helping in lots of cases;
  • 150 intended parents and 72% success rate after the transfer of the embryo for the first time;
  • large choice of fertility programs.

Even if you are from India and cannot use surrogacy services in your own country, you can still create a little life with care and with professionals.

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