TikTok Star Anmol Baloch’s Using Her Body As Surface To Huff Drugs

TikTok star Anmol Noor, who has been criticized for her bold videos, came under the radar once again after a leaked video of her surfaced online.

The indecent video has taken the internet by storm with the majority of the people criticizing the TikTok star over the indecent act.

The video shows a man snorting cocaine from the chest of Noor, who can also be seen enjoying the moment.

Social media users said that people like Anmol Noor are spreading obscenity to make their videos popular.

Another user has asked to take action against the TikTok star over the use of cocaine in the video.

The TikTok star Anmol has yet to respond to the criticism following the leaked video. It’s still not clear yet if the boy snorting the stuff from the TikTok’s chest is her boyfriend or related to her in any way. It’s is also to be ascertained yet if he was really taking drugs in the video or just imitating drug addicts for fun.

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