Are Feroze Khan And Alizey Get Divorced After 2 Years Of Marriage?

In 2018 Feroze Khan got married to Syeda Alizey Fatima Raza. It was an arranged marriage. People loved the chemistry of Feroze Khan with his wife, soon after the couple got blessed with a boy and they named him Sultan. This small family has zero haters.

According to sources, people are speculating that Feroze Khan and his wife Alizey are getting separated.

Another sources  Lollywood Couple Feroz Khan And Alizey Sultan have Separated Quietly and Amicably after 2 Years Of Marriage. Neither of them have commented publicly on the split, yet People around them have noticed their unusual distances.

The news is sad rather shocking because we have seen Feroze Khan always loving and admiring his wife. We jumped into the Instagram accounts of Feroze and couldn’t find Alizey in Feroze’s following list.

We are all reporting by the information we get. But our sympathy with this couple and we are hoping that this separating news of Feroze Khan And Alizey will not true.  This separating news spreading over a week ago but both did not show their expression regarding this rumour.

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