Urwa Hocane and Farhan Saeed Were Drunker Which Led to Divorce, Claims

According to well-known Pakistani journalist Syed Ali Haider, the probable reason behind the parting of the two Lollywood stars, that Farhan Saeed drinks more alcohol. However, Urwa also drinks alcohol but Farhan drinks excessively and he is much addicted. Although he is trying to stop but he cannot do so.

Urwa was also feeling uncomfortable whenever Farhan being intoxicated. Urwa Hocane crossed her limits when she went to India! The actor has shared the pictures while she was intoxicated and this impact not only shocked her fans but also all the people lived in Pakistan. Urwa Hocane was caught dancing in a night club in India, wearing revealing clothes and drinking alcohol.

Here are the pictures of Urwa Hocane dancing, drinking and partying in an Indian club. From her expressions. There is another claimer, who discloses a very rare matter that Farhan was also having an affair with a girl from Lahore. Due to these two reasons, Farhan and Arwa have separated.

Third and the biggest reason according to media, both are married on December 16, 2016, and they are not having a child. Is it family planning or something else?

Earlier in an interview in Famous TV show Subh Saverey Samaa Ke Saath taken by Sanam Baloch, the host asked a turbulent question regarding their personal life. The question is Urwa if you got information about Farhan is going to remarry with someone, so for this, you can go to stop him?

After given a smile and raise the note that Nahhi JaoGi! There is another reason behind that both were confused about their professional career. Farhan eventually got some work in the showbiz industry but Urwa might be feeling depress by losing fame and fan falling. 

We are all reporting by the information we get. But our sympathy with this couple and we are hoping that this separating news of Farhan and Urwa will not true.  This separating news spreading over a week ago but both did not show their expression regarding this rumour.

Here is the complete Video, check out!

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