Nadia Jamil Opens Up About Shaving Her Head Post-Chemotherapy

Nadia Jamil updated her fans on social media of her painful and empowering journey after her second chemotherapy.

“Asalamalikum! My dearest Twitter Family. Its been ages. Second round of chemo over,hair gone,body so weak I cant raise my head,but my spirit becoming stronger,clearer every day,” saif Jamil. “A painful & empowering journey. Everyday Allah blesses me w clarity,love, gratitude,survival Love U!”


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A huge thank you to the team at #Addenbrooks #hematology who didn’t just clean my pic line, feed me toffee pudding and give me my chemo, they also knew how to use a razor so helped tidy the patchy mess on my head The #NHS #mentalhealthcrises team have also been fantastic. They saved my life at a time I was in a really dark place. They simply didn’t give up on me. They are such #CHAMPIONS DR Luke Davies, Dr Farouhi, Sharon Saunders, Charlotte, Matt, Raquel, Marta, Dave, Yuki… Talking to them is simply a joy…they are so loving and healing. Then there have been those from home and away. Video calls every single day … Long intense loving messages. Thank you. It’s not been easy but you make it easier. Most of the time my phone is closed so the messages have been going to Mas phone. She reads them out to me and makes my day! Sometimes I come here and read the strength you all give me. Thank you! #igetbywithalittlehelpfrommyfriends

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