6 Tips and Tricks When Moving to San Diego

san diegoAre you planning your move to a beautiful California city like San Diego? San Diego has excellent weather all year round, with a vibrant culture and stunning attractions that continue to attract people who are searching for work in the area.

But moving to this city can be tricky because its a big city with suburban areas and the cost of living can be a bit high. Not all neighborhoods are created equal, too. Some are better than others and are more fit for individual lifestyles.

Here are the tips and trips if you’re planning your move:

Know-How Much Money You Need Before Moving

Before packing your bags, you have to take into consideration the apartment costs and the cost of living in San Diego. Let’s say that you’re planning to rent a standard studio apartment. The average costs of renting an apartment are approximately $1,350 per month. You also need to add up your first and last month’s rental fees, the security deposit, and brokerage fees.

It’s best to start small. Since you’re not quite sure if the first place that you move in is ideal, you could start with a place that’s smaller and less expensive than what your goal is, in the long run.

Consider Renting

If you want to buy a property right away, but you’re still not quite familiar with the area yet, then you might want to rent first so that you could explore further the possible areas that you want to live.

You can either rent somewhere furnished in a short-term lease, or you can rent out furniture and other stuff that you might need, and just return them whenever you’re ready to move into your own space.


If you’re in the area, it’s the perfect time to go out and look. The best way to find the location and place that suits you is to look around. Check out the neighborhoods that you can afford, and also take into consideration the activities and amenities that you enjoy.

Take tours, ask locals, inquire with realtors. Go to shows, and take advantage of the different attractions in the area. You can also drive through your prospective neighborhoods during various times of the day. That will give you an idea of the neighborhood is filled with families with kids, retirees, or career individuals.

Although this can be a bit time-consuming at first, this ensures that you’re not unhappy with the place that you want to settle in.

Don’t Miss

From pristine beaches to restaurants that offer stunning panoramic views, San Diego seems to have it all.

There are a lot of things to do in San Diego; Little Italy, for instance, hosts a number of activities and events all year long. Foodies will fall in love with Little Italy Fiesta and Little Italy Mercato and grab a beer in one of the 100 craft breweries in San Diego Country afterward.

Also, drop by at The Shout! House, a great piano bar located at the Gaslamp Quarter.

Take Commuting Into Consideration

San Diego is a big area, and chances are, you probably have to commute. The method and length of your commute should significantly influence where you live.

Like other major cities, traffic is heavy especially during rush hours. Since the weather here is usually dry, even a small amount of rain can cause traffic congestion on its roads. However, on usual days, most areas in San Diego can be reached 20 minutes or less via the major freeways.

Still, traffic in the city can be unforgiving, so there are a couple of options that you need to explore and find out if they are available in your location:

  • Via-car: Most San Diego locals drive. But if you think you’re going carless, there are other alternatives that you can take as well.
  • Ride-Sharing: There are various ride-sharing companies in San Diego. So, you might want to consider this. You’ll likely use it if you’ll be commuting downtown, or on other key areas in the city.
  • Public Transportation: Buses, trolleys, and several other kinds of public transportation are available in the city. So, do your research and check their routes beforehand. If you’re living near these routes, then it will be much easier for you to commute.
  • Other Options: If you leave near your workplace, the beautiful weather in the city will allow you to ride your bike, or walk in most days of the year. It’s great because it benefits the environment as well. You can search for bike routes in your area.
  • Remote Work: In a highly digital age that we live in, a lot of tech jobs can be done at home most of the time. You can talk to your employer so that you’ll know which option will work best for you.

Commuting plays an important part in your life, so make sure that where you want to move fits the kind of lifestyle that you want to have.

Other Tips to Take Note Of

  • Do: Move in the winter season. Vacationers during the summer increase occupancy rates, making it more challenging for you to find a decent place.
  • Don’t: Be wasteful. California has strict laws with water conservation and recycling. Know what should be expected of you.
  • Do: Get a compass card. That way, you’ll have it whenever you need it, even if you don’t plan on using public transportation quite frequently.
  • Don’t: Forget about Comic-Con. Even if you don’t plan to attend the event, the influx of people coming from all over the world will still affect how you commute, and your itinerary. So, you have to mark it on your calendar as well.

Final Thoughts

San Diego is a beautiful, diverse, and great place to live. Always keep an eye on the events and activities that run throughout the year, and follow these moving tips so that you’re better equipped on your move to the city.

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