Why Maya Ali Actually Cried?

Recently her film ‘Paray Hut Love’ has been released in which Maya Ali, is in her sophomore film, is cast as Saniya, pitched as a strong, independent woman pursuing higher education who makes her own choices. She is repeatedly described as mature, strong and independent, but what appears onscreen is a safe, sheltered young woman of taciturn expression: eager to please, palatable and non-threatening. People are loving her acting in this movie.

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Maya Ali wrote a heartfelt note on losing loved ones and how it is the most painful experience. She shared her feelings in her recent Instagram post, she expressed:


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She continued,
“This scene actually made me cry, sometimes you don’t want to remember your pain or sorrows but you still have to and you can’t help it not to… Losing your loved ones is the most painful experience more than anyone can imagine…”
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