Great Skills You Can Learn From Surf Lessons

Surfing can be a great physical exercise. Surfing regularly can improve your cardiovascular fitness, back and shoulder strength, and even core and leg strength.

However, since not everyone is born with the skills to surf, enrolling in surf lessons has become a popular choice for many. Surfing lessons can teach you tips and tricks so you can learn how to surf just like a pro.

As the name suggests, surfing lessons teach you how to ride the waves with style and ease. But do you know that these are not the only things you can enjoy from surf lessons?

Surf lessons can actually teach you the following skills:

1. Believe In Yourself Always.

Learning how to surf is a two-way street. No matter how experienced your instructor is, if you keep doubting yourself, you can never learn to surf.

One of the greatest skills you can learn from surfing lessons is to always believe in yourself. Learning how to surf might be challenging, but once you tell yourself, “you can,” you’re already a step closer to becoming a surfer.

2. Seize Every Opportunity That Comes Your Way.

Just like your fingerprints, every wave is different. Even if you’re only surfing in one spot on the same beach for a certain period, don’t expect that you can come across the same wave twice.

When learning how to surf, it’s important to always seize every opportunity. If you think you see a good wave, go for it. Don’t wait for another wave to come along, with the hopes of going for “the best.”

3. Being Informed Is Better Than Being Strong.

Contrary to popular belief, being a great surfer doesn’t always require strong arms and feet. Sure, having a flat belly and being physically fit might help you ride the waves better, but it’s not the sole requirement.

Undergoing surfing lessons allow you to learn that being informed is better than being strong. When you struggle to achieve enough speed while riding the waves, usually, the problem isn’t your strength; this might happen because you weren’t at the right place at the right time. You weren’t performing the right actions to achieve what you want to do in surfing.

As mentioned, every wave is different, which means that you should have different strategies in conquering these. No single strategy will work for different waves. It’s best if you learn the wave first so you’ll know which strategies to execute.

4. Always Commit To Your Actions.

Surfing can be fun, but it can also become dangerous. This activity will require you to come face to face with big waves in the middle of the ocean. When you’re going for a wave, you have to be sure of the things you have to do. You should have assessed the wave and thought of what possible techniques can you do in order to ride it. If you become undecided while going for a wave, you’ll be beaten down by the wave. You can think of this as your punishment for being indecisive in surfing.

Surfing is a dangerous sport, and being hesitant while doing it will increase your chances of being hurt.

5. Push Yourself To The Limits.

Learning how to surf and mastering the sport are two different things. While the former can come off easier after weeks of practicing, the latter will require patience and determination.

If you want to become a skilled surfer, always push yourself to the limits. Don’t be comfortable in riding waves in your usual surf spot. Always look for bigger waves in another location. Doing this might be terrifying at first, but once you’ve conquered bigger waves, you’ll be proud of the progress you’ll make.

Pushing yourself to the limits will also allow you to raise your personal bar.

6. Practice Makes Perfect.

The maxim that states “practice makes perfect” still applies when you’re learning how to surf. This sport can be fun, but before you can enjoy the thrill, you have to surpass several challenges first.

For starters, you need to know how to row yourself to the wave and stand on the board. These tasks might seem easy when you’re watching from the sidelines, but when you’re the one holding the surfboard, completing these tricks can be daunting and frustrating.

No one learned to surf overnight, so when you’re signing up for surfing lessons, take the time to practice. The more time and effort you pour into practicing, the easier surfing will be for you.

Have Fun

Now that you’re convinced that surfing lessons can be beneficial in more ways than one, start looking for professionals or schools that offer this service.

Don’t pressure yourself in learning everything at once. Enjoy the experience and make connections with people who share the same passion for surfing.

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