Iqra Aziz Just Got Her First Tattoo… This Looks Like Another Controversy!

Can there ever be a day without a controversy? I guess not. As entertaining our Pakistani celebrities are, each one of them loves to stay in the limelight for one scoop or the other. Be it for their relationship status, a feud, calling out other celebrities, marriage, divorce etc.

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Speaking of celebrities, the bubbly Iqra Aziz was invited to Yasir Hussain’s show ‘ The After Moon Show’ along with Asim Azhar and Asad Siddiqui and things got pretty exciting! During the interview, Yasir Hussain questioned Iqra about her new tattoo! Well, not new but her very ‘first’ tattoo!


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Since she has just recently got it, maybe it’ll take some time to be vocal about it, which is absolutely fine. And yes, speaking of Hina Altaf, she too, talked about it publicly after quite some time. Hey, izz all good!

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