Sanam Chaudhry and Yashma Gill’s Recent Video Is Making People Say, “Akward”

Friends are family which is never documented anywhere, yet they are the best people to rely upon. Kyun k har ek friend zarori hota hai. no? Friends are sometimes more than siblings and the bond with them is thicker than the blood relations. So, we all have set friends who are just a call away to remove all our worries and problems. The friends that we love adore and sometimes fight because where there is love, there are some contradictions too. Par itna toh chalta hai!

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Sanam Chaudhry too is blessed with beautiful friends, Noor Hassan, who she was later called to be dating with. Pfft! Like wow?! But they are just good buddies, and boy, oh, boy do they look cute…..

Sanam and her friend, Yashma, were having some good time with selfies, but what happened was a bit shocking and funny too.

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