9 Best Pakistani Bridal Dresses By Famous Fashion Designers

wedding dressesThe most important and powerful ceremony in Pakistan is wedding, which is full of tradition. There are lot of Pakistani bridal dresses by designers who try to portray their ideas in shape of wedding dresses with the traditional touch of Pakistan culture. The wedding dresses is heavy and available in different colours, below are some ideal designers samples for your review.

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1. Aisha Imran Bridal Dress

Aisha Imran Latest Collection

Dress Description: This bridal apparel is also from a collection of Aisha imran, this dress represent the pure tradition of Pakistan because it is in red colour. The red base with golden embroidery really looks amazing, the use of purple colour on the bottom of shirt enhance its beauty. The dress texture is quite heavy and perfectly designed for bridal.

2. Aisha Varsey Bridal Dress

Aeisha Varsey Latest Collection

Dress Description: Multi colour and stylish bridal outfit is from the collection of Aisha Varsey, there are lots of colour uses in this dress, in which pink base with golden embroidery are top most. The use of black, grey and magenta colour really looks amazing with the whole outfit.

3. Ahmad Bilal Bridal Dress

Ahmad Bilal Latest Collection

Dress Description: Ahmed Bilal is one of the top names in the fashion industry of Pakistan; this dress is from the collection of Bilal bridal’s outfits. The whole theme of this apparel is quite soft and stylish; the base colour is brown in shade with embroidery in pink and blue colour. The use of pattern on the whole dress makes it elegant and attractive.

4. Naushemian Bridal Dress

Naushemian Latest Collection

Dress Description: This is unique and stylish piece of apparel which is designed for bridal, the orange colour outfit is best for this season, it has red colour contrast with black and golden bottom. Embroidery is golden in colour but in a unique and different way, which makes it elegant. The overall look of this dress is excellent and eye catchy.

5. Sana Safinaz Bridal Dress

sana safinaz Latest Collection

Dress Description: Sana Safinaz is the leading fashion designer in the industry of Pakistan, in this apparel which has been tagged out from her collection does not reflect many colours but it looks amazing. This dress is full of embroidery with red shalwar; the dupatta is also in red colour with golden embroidery.

6. Umar Sayeed Bridal Dress

Umar Sayeed Latest Collection

Dress Description: Umar Sayeed is the very old name in the fashion industry of Pakistan and no one could match his skills. Like in this dress which has a indigo or purple colour theme looks amazing, the contrast of light purple and dark purple enhances its beauty and this dress of this world. The embroidery is silver in colour which quite different from other traditional dresses.

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7. Tabassum Mughal Bridal Dress

Tabassum Mughal Latest Collection

Dress Description: This dress is from the collection of Tabassum Mughal, she is versatile in using like in this dress. She uses pink, green, orange and golden colour to make it colourful and eye catchy. The neck is full of heavy embroidery which is golden in colour while the bottom of this shirt is stitched with multi colour pattern to give it unique look.

8. Shaiyanne Malik Bridal Dress

Shaiyanne Malik Latest Collection

Dress Description: Attractive and stylish piece of apparel from Shaiyanne Malik, this is elegant and colourful. The whole theme is yellow in colour with blue contrast on it. The border of dupatta is full of embroidery in silver colour; this is one of the best bridal outfits in whole collection.

9. Maria B. Bridal Dress

Maria B Latest Collection

Dress Description: This is also from the collection of Maria B. the whole theme of this dress is red in colour which is quite simple, and this is sleeveless dress with silver designs printed on its bottom. The front is embroidered with golden in colour under the dark shade.

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