Fight the Temptation of Junk Food

Junk Food

Are those packets of crisps your weakness? Do you love that big, juicy burger? But yes you do know it’s an addiction and not a good one. How can you let go of this addiction. First things first! First of all you need to be willing to get rid of an addiction. Secondly you have to be reasonable on the excuses you have for the junk food cravings and for consuming them.

Be Strict to Yourself:

Every time you tell yourself you can double the gym time and have an extra packet of crisps and a slice of the chocolate cake. Don’t fool yourself. Be reasonable to yourself. Every time you have the craving ask yourself; does your body deserve the junk? Are you making a wise choice? Yes! Then tell yourself is the right choice not a sacrifice. This is one way to talk yourself out of the temptation of consuming the junk food.

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The cravings will Stop Haunting:

As soon as you know you can’t have and you shouldn’t have the junk food; your desire to have junk will eventually fade. It is said that we crave what we eat, so simply if we don’t eat the food unhealthy for us we will eventually stop craving for it. Train the mind till the body takes over.

You choose to eat healthy food that is empowering and every time you make the healthy choice it will boost your self-esteem because you over powered a bad for good. It is simple psychology that if a person is waiting to indulge there is a possibility that there is a process of reflection going on. You reflect rather than impulsively indulging into the activity. Yes rationalize all those excuses; “it’s a special occasion, my body needs it and it’s a cheat day”.

Differentiate the Wants from the Needs:

As you rationalize your desires make sure you differentiate between the wants from the needs. Pay attention to your body. If you are hungry you need to eat but if you want to eat pizza then you need some monitoring. The need is food not pizza. The craving for pizza is a suggestion not an order, having your own opinion and choice will help have healthy thinking. If you have healthy thinking then it will lead to healthy eating habits.

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Know Your Appetite:

Have specific times of eating other than those restrict yourself to eat. Sometimes it is just stress, fatigue or boredom that makes you think you want food. Know that you need a specific amount of food to fulfill the body’s need. Replace the appetite for cookies to apples so the junk is replaced with healthy snacks. If you are not hungry don’t just let the mind trick you to eat rather decrease the appetite for junk food.

When you feel hungry, have water or make yourself a big mug of jasmine green tea. Research says that the smell of Jasmine tea helps women to reduce their chocolate craving. There you go help yourself get rid of those huge bars of chocolates on daily basis.

Don’t Keep it:

Do not keep the junk or the carbonated drinks at home. Fighting the temptation will be easier if you do not have the junk food easily accessible. It would save you some money to get some extra vegetables for the salad for the tea time. Have vegetables which are rich, juicy and crispy.

They will not just replace the junk food but it will also get you used to the delicious taste. Even on cheat days treat yourself with natural juices and happy food. Food that is happy meaning the food that is healthy for the body. Let go of the junk food cheat days rather have a slice of nicely marinated chicken with some sauce and saute vegetables.

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