7 Amazing Steps to Prevent Skin Dryness and Hair Fall

Skin Dryness and Hair Fall

Substantially cold air can create an extremely adverse situation for your susceptible skin and hair. We come to your rescue via providing useful tips to safeguard the skin and hair from any weather damage.

If you follow these tips, the weather effects of the cold season will not be damaging and in fact you will look good and premature skin aging will be effectively prevented.

1. Cover Yourself From Head To Toe:

Winter Protection

Proceed to get a warm pair of gloves. These gloves enable protection of the hands and also serve as a skin protector, thereby saving them from dryness. In case you are going to move outdoor; it is advisable to use waterproof gloves. In this way the hands do not get soaked, when there is any kind of contact with the snow.

For guarding the hair a hat is a must. Through this measure the hair stands protected and no drying occurs. Additionally the head remains comfortably warm. Remember, any excessive exposure to cold and terribly harsh weather can mellow the hair strength and leave hair weak and dry. Also wear a scarf to guard the skin of your neck and chest.

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2. When Indoors, Stay Warm But Not Hot:

Winter Care

The difference in temperature inside and outside can become a damaging force. Please ensure that you wear slippers inside the home and to further add protection add socks. This helps to prevent any possibility of cold feet thus avoiding toes swelling and the skin from soreness. Mind your swelling and soreness can lead to total or partial disfigurement.

During the course of washing, the same principles and guidelines can apply. It is important to remember that a hot bath or shower has certain dangers, like skin irritation attached to the process. And this is easily preventable if the water temperature is restricted to the warm range.

3. Haircare Has To Adapt To The Changes In Weather:

Hair Care Winter

During the winter months the hair can go dry and this can further result in loss of hair strength. To have a healthy hair look it is necessary to seek the right treatment .There are ample shampoo varieties on market shelves and the catch is to find the appropriate shampoo product. Shampoos and conditioners combine adequately well to lend a protective hand to hair care and thus save the hair from suffering any major adversity in terms of hair loss,dryness and brittleness.In this regard an important recommendation is to avail a moisturizing hair treatment once or twice every two weeks.The treatment will yield dividends in terms of damage prevention that can be caused by severe winter weather.

4. Moisturizer- A complete Care For Dry Skin:

Skin Care

In cold temperatures moisture of the skin disappears through evaporation and this gets speeded up if there is a strong wind. This whole process has to be taken notice of and necessary safeguards brought into play. The first necessity is to use a heavy moisturizer as compared to what was used in summer while making sure that it is acceptable to the skin. Moisturizing your skin every morning has become an essential requisite if you are moving outside.

The result is bound to be beneficial in terms of avoidance of dryness and flakiness. In the same flow, before moving into the bed, make sure to get rid of the makeup and pollutants as they cause skin irritation .In the same vein moisturizer should be applied to the skin too. During the week it is advisable to opt for a gentle exfoliater to scrub away dry skin which can become an issue in cold weather.

In addition to taking care of the facial skin, there is a need to look after the body skin also. Application of body butter on the body skin enables any drying of the skin. It is emphasized that the neck and chest are important areas that need to be treated appropriately, like the treatment of the face.

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5. Apply Moisturizing Lip Balm to Get Rid Of Chapped Lips:

Lip Care Winter

Give the lips a lot of attention so that they do not split and become chapped. Application of a moisturizing lip balm has to be a routine affair. Another recommendation is to make use of Vaseline/petroleum jelly to your lips. This application serves a useful purpose and creates a protection oriented barrier between the cold air and your lips, locking in moisture that is helpful.

In this regard a lip scrub can be made. Do this by applying a generous amount of Vaseline to your lips, then rubs either with sugar, a finger covered with a coarse flannel or with a soft toothbrush. Use circular motions and then rinse your lips and apply balm.

6. On A Daily Basis Apply Hand Cream:

Hand Care Winter

Since the skin is continuously exposed to harsh weather in colder months, It is important that we resort to massage the skin with hand moisturizer. In the whole process the hands have to be kept dry as not doing so will leave the skin exposed and vulnerable to dryness.

7. Eat a balanced diet:

Balance Diet

Eating a healthy diet full of nutrients and vitamins is the best way to keep your hair and skin from looking and feeling healthy. It’s also important to drink enough water to keep your skin and hair hydrated from within. Eating an unbalanced diet will leave your body lacking in the nutrition needed for keeping your skin and hair looking great. Eating well will also make you feel great too! If you have trouble with maintaining a balanced diet then take multivitamins, but remember that this is not an effective replacement for the real thing.

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