Food and Nostalgia

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Food is no silent sustenance. It breathes, it speaks, it holds tales of generations past. A pearl on the thread of our history, food culture is our pride to preserve.

More than 60 years after Partition, the culture of Indian and Pakistani khana remains entwined. Few marriages of regional identities, both rural and urban, have lasted past such fierce political upheaval as ours. After all that has come to pass, Nostalgia is the tie that binds. After all that has been lost, our taste buds continue to seek and find ‘home‘.

Food and nostalgia book

No food compares to ‘apney ghar ka khana‘. No joy equals tasting Nani’s daal, or Dadi’s karhai. To protect and perfect these age-old recipes, some handed down purely by word-of-mouth, has been this publishing’s happy journey. Particular and precise masala combinations, the density and scent of a robust roti, the succulence and texture of a perfect pot of chawal – such feats of flavor sustain the heartbeat of kitchens across the border.

Each province in this vast Sub continent, each language, each history, is represented between these pages. This is an ancient land. Its history speaks of Golden eras, as well as colonization and subjugation. We have known separation and strife for too long, and now we yearn only for prosperity and peace. Let this book speak of such a blessed time. Let its recipes invite you into each others’ homes. Let all our homes become one.

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