Arranged Marriages in Pakistan

Relationships are perhaps one of the most vital aspects of human life as they not only cater to the demands and needs of person but correlate them to that of another person, both of whom are destined socially, religiously or legally to spend the rest of their lives together. While most people in Pakistan don’t opt to make this choice themselves and in a large percentage of them, especially for girls, they aren’t even aware that the choices might have already been made for them.

While relationships tend to give you the idea of eternal love and endless support it must be understood that in a society such as ours where such choices are kept silent from those involved, the consequences of these can be horrid. Relationships that are categorized as arranged marriages are a fundamental concept of society where illiteracy and dogmatism have taken over the minds of our people.

Although arranged marriages seem to bring out the idea of sanctity and exhibit piety, it is a largely misunderstood concept that relationships such as those might be successful. With the growing trend of female education there has been a recent decrease in the rate of arranged marriages however, while the former seemed to show a steady rate of success, the latter comes with vehemently shaking consequences since parents in the latter sort of marriages don’t take responsibility for the outcomes of their children’s mistakes as they took no credit for the decision making in the first place.

Relationships that are made on the basis of two families being involved put at stake the values and the sanctity of both those involved. While arranged marriages were the way society went a few years ago, the trend of love marriages is slowly taking over. It is imperative that we understand that all relationships come with much responsibility and that those involved are people who are directly affected by the consequences and should bear in mind the risks that come with making such decisions.

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