Celebrating Pakistan Family Day

With the dawn of August 1st, time has come to gather with friends and family and celebrate the ‘big day’ with raising flags, barbecues, family get-together, picnics, and of course, fireworks.

Pakistan was achieved after great many sacrifices. Under the dynamic leadership of our Founder Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Pakistan came into being on August 14th, 1947.

Now, is the time to hold our hands and celebrate Pakistan Family Day in your home and share the struggle of these Muslims, with your parents or grandparents, who left India and came to Pakistan after harsh time.

This Pakistan Family Day can be honoured by having a barbecue in Pakistani style. You can have shami kababs, behari kababs, chicken tikka, and other mouth-watering delicacies on the occasion. This time, if you are not in mood for cooking, take the family out or make a home delivery and share stories, which highlight the importance of Pakistan. Check out the menu and ask if the restaurant has any August 14th specials, which you can have on Pakistan Family Day.

With friends and family, hold debate or discuss the significance of August 14th, 1947. One should think about why is August 14 important for Pakistan and have we made it a prosperous country etc. This time means that you can use pictures or other visual aids to maintain the interest of friends and family. Talk about your own forefather and use visual aids to remind the kids about the importance of 14th August.

On this Pakistani Family Day, invite your parent or grandparent who was alive on August 14, 1947, and let them share their personal story. Pakistan Family Day is also incomplete without fireworks, so organise a green and white fireworks display for Pakistan’s Independence, you can still enjoy this patriotic pastime by going online.

This time you can also organize a Pakistan Family Day with family variety show, which can provide fun and educational experience. Ask the children to sing a national anthem song or recite a poem related to Independence Day.

Watch a video or CD like Jinnah or on Pakistan with friends and family. It could be a travel video, or it could even be one that focuses on the world’s second highest mountain: K2, located, in Pakistan.

Flag your home and vehicle: Time has come to get a whole bunch of small Pakistani flags (and plaster your car, bike or motorcycle with them for the day. Decorate your home also. For a quiz on Pakistan Family Day can test everyone’s knowledge of all aspects of Pakistan. Include prizes for winners also.

It is must for friends and family to make donations to a local charity. Talk to your farfetched relatives on Pakistan Family Day.

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