Celebrate Independence Day with Style

Freedom has its life in the hearts, the actions and the spirit of men and so it must be refreshed, it must be celebrated and it must be expressed through joy and youthful spirit of happiness for it is the day that our forefathers gifted us and a gift must be taken care of.

‘Tere bina dil na lagay Pakistan’ our identity as Pakistani is something that makes us connect to this country, her founders and her warm and cozy bosom that bonds us with the blood of our forefathers. Every year Pakistanis celebrate 14th August, Pakistan’s Independence Day with vigor and zest. From school going kids to an elderly citizen, from a cozy coffee parlor to a musical concert, every person celebrates it in the light of his own profession.

Singers and musicians show their love in the form of national songs and music videos. Designers go creative with green and white combination to represent the spirit and culture of Pakistan. School and clubs hold cultural and patriotic events to through light on Pakistan’s history. University and college going youth too participate in the celebrations in their own zingy ways.

This Independence Day go green with the love of your country and express it in style and fashion. Green, the color of fertility, beauty and nature also makes you connect with the land of this country.  Fashion designer Muneeb Nawaz represented Pakistan in Miami Fashion Week with a little Pakistan map behind the shirts. Sublime and Kamiar Rokni also designed shirts in green to express the feelings of Patriotism. So put your creative hat on and make some patriotic designs using greens and whites. For example, white shalwar Kameez with green dupatta or green shalwar kameez with white dupatta. Even if your want to celebrate it in jeans, you can choose a white top with a little green flag badge flashing on it.

The love for your country can even be expressed with some green and white fancy bangles or you can also wear white or green colored Khussa to represent your culture and traditions.

Face paintings look funky and lively so boys can paint their face with the colors of Pakistan while girls can color their eyes with the shades of green eye shadows or green eyeliner.

Be it the whole outfit in green or just a small little green hair band, wear it for Green is the color of the day. Wear it with style and the pride of being Pakistani and show it to the world that Pakistan is not about Taliban and terrorism, it’s about culture, fashion, creativity, beauty and FREEDOM.

Happy Independence Day!

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