Your Child Needs relaxing Sleep (Part 2)

If your child is facing some sleepless order, then it can be a serious threat for him in his later life.
Although in teen age, it can be because of some mental depression or some psychological problem. It can also be an inherited problem transferring from one generation to other. Some doctors prescribe some medicines in curing this problem.

But if your child doesn’t have any genetic problem of adopting these sleepless problems then be sure that you can easily solve these problems; only by developing some good habits in him.

The very first step towards these good habits is to go to bed in time at night. Early sleeping and rising definitely helps your child to recover the problem. Complete sleep plays crucial role in maintaining the good health. Do not forget that children required more sleep as compared to adults. More the age is less, more the sleep is required.

 When you want your child to go for sleep, do something relaxing & calming for him. You can simply sit with him and have some chat on any light issue. This exercise makes your child to feel more secure that you are with him. If more than one children have a single room than send them one by one in their room, so that they don’t indulged in some extra chat. This thing encourages them not to sleep and have some interesting chit chat. In this way they can’t fix their one proper time to sleep.

Also taking bath with little bit warm water or drink bit hot milk before half an hour helps in making the sleep more peaceful and deep. The environment of the room must be sleepy and soothing enough with the dim lights. So that child forgets to think about any thrilling or exciting aspect, even keep the toys and stuff like that far away from the child’s bed. We all know that a child at once attracts towards anything which clicks his mind.

Another important thing is that try to develop a very friendly relation with your child, so that he can tell you anything he feels; particularly the school happenings. Because if a child has some problem outside the house and he is feeling shy to tell you then it can be very disturbing to him. In way too he can’t make his mind and sleep relax.

  Encourage him to be regular, punctual and honest in every place he go. This punctuality makes his life well organized and his time table properly scheduled. Give him meals in time so that he does not face any problem regarding digestion or balance diet. Especially do not give anything to your child at least an hour before going to bed.  Do not allow him to play at least an hour before sleep. Watching television and playing in door games, especially on computer must be strictly banned before going to bed.

Give him some light story books, its good if you are telling him stories to listen and to enjoy. Other than stories on light topics, you can share a lessoned event or anything you feel comforting for your child. Poems play another important role here.

All these efforts surely help your child to have a healthy body & mind through peaceful sleep.

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