Your child needs relaxing Sleep (Part 1)

Although children of every age needs your concentration but particularly the children of growing age needs your more and complete attention.

In order to have a happy and healthy lifestyle, a child needs to be confident enough. Happy and healthy life includes lots of factors like proper nutritious diet, good education, some games or activities for brain train; relaxing sleep, strong social belongings, especially your love and care etc. The last point of love and belonging is one of the person’s basic needs. So you need to give your children a sense of security that you are with them.

All these necessary things plays a very vital and basic role in relaxing the mind of a child and only a peaceful mind can have a good sleep & vice versa. Relaxing sleep is the first step towards the better action plans of a child. Until and unless your child doesn’t have a complete sleep he/she can’t fully concentrate on the required activities. Besides studies, a child should participate on the other co-curricular activities. So in order to participate well in all walks of life, a child must be active enough.

But due to some inevitable reasons some children can’t take a soothing sleep, which is of course not good for their physical, psychological and mental health. These children might be affected because of some sleepless factors. There can a list of these certain reasons.  Usually little boys have this problem more as compared to little girls.

These kids usually have some sort of fear during sleep. While sleeping, these children looks as they are not sleeping, as they keep their eyes little open; but actually they are sleeping. Also at times you feel that their eyes are little bit blinking etc, and it happens so many times in a night.

 In these cases you need not too worry, as it can be curable; just because of your effort. First of all you should know the reasons & symptoms for having some undertakings, regarding that. So that you can help your child to have peaceful sleep. In some cases these disturbing sleeps can be because of some genetic problem. You and your husband, or somebody else in your family might had the same problem in childhood.

 If your child’s eyes blinks during sleep, or he/she woke up and started weeping might be because of some fear, his/her heart beat becomes fast, or have perspiration while sleeping with the signs of stress, than its mean that your child is effected due to the ‘Insomnia’.

At times child woke up and started playing as well. All of these factors clearly tells you that your child have restless sleeps and needs your extra attention. If this problem doesn’t tackle on time then they can create problems throughout the life.

You can easily help your child to have nonviolent & comforting sleeps through your love and affection.

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