Day Dreaming

Are you a day dreamer, do you know about some day dreamer or simply if you want to know about day dreaming, and day dreamers then join us.

Day dreamers are mostly very sensitive and loving people.  They are not practical enough; they mostly feel some hesitation to make them understand about the bitter realities of this world. These people love to live in fantasies most of the time. These people love to live to a happy & healthy life, without any sort of tension. They usually take the things positively and because of this optimistic nature, they mostly take the things lightly. In short these are the people with the hope, and hope is life.

Day dreamers are very touchy about their future, that’s why they use to make plans for their future. We can also say them ‘ambitious people. At times, they try to convert their predictions or dreams into reality. Some times by luck or by work, they successively achieve their goal but sometimes they got hurt.

Day dreamer’s imaginations are not restricted to the future but some use to think about their past. Those day dreamers who trapped in their past, used to recall & refresh their memories.  These people recall their previous memories through different means. Especially, when they indulged in some particular type of feeling or emotion, they it’s difficult to release them from that condition. They are basically emotional people, and use to feel the things in depth.

But there are equally some disadvantages of day dreaming or mind traveling. The biggest is that day dreaming keep the person far away from the real world, from what is actually happening all around him. The stream of thoughts leads the person into another world of dreams and fantasies. It can be unstable for a person, as in this way he/she can’t concentrate on the present time. His/her directions turns towards what’s going on in his/her mind rather then what’s going on in the real world of happening.

Means day dreaming can both be constructive and destructive. It depends on the amount of time and concentration one gives to its day dreaming and especially the nature of the dream……………………

If one is dreaming about some creative& artistic phenomenon, means want to create something from its own then he can make this a reality. No matter, through hard work, through proper planning, through money, through praying or by what mean but one can convert its day dream, a reality. According to a research, day dreaming is a normal state of mind rather than meaningless directions. While dreaming, your brain develops a link from one though to another. In this way, these association and connections develop something new, you never had in your mind before.

Some good examples of the above mentioned phenomenon are the writers, filmmakers, scientists, artists, even cooks. When these people want to create or develop something from their own they first make its plot in their minds. Then continuously thinking day & night, help them to gather information about that. In this way one day they finally give their dream a shape of reality. They really love their work and their dreams, their dreams can be related to some new invention, some recipe, some painting, and some important task to achieve, about some new story or novel or simply about some person.

In any way day dreamers are lovely & special people, who have their own dream land to live and enjoy.

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