During your pre Wedding Functions

Well people in our first part, we have told you that what precautionary measures you should take before your wedding days. Now we will tell you that what you should do during your lovely pre wedding functions.
Almost we all have so many pre wedding parties or ceremonies before the main wedding day. Like engagement, mehendi, mayoon and so many others according to our family traditions. In these big or small functions a bride has to do some make up no matter light or heavy. In these sensitive days a bride can’t afford the risk of trying different make up looks. So you have to be very careful while applying makeup and setting your looks according to that day’s occasion.

Well its good if you will apply light party make up in the pre wedding functions, as we know that you want to give the brightest look on your main wedding day. Light makeup always gives you polite and bit romantic look. So, in order to maintain your fresh skin, you should avoid doing heavy make up in these pre wedding ceremonies. It can also make your skin tied and dull.

Most of the brides prefer professional makeup even for their pre wedding small functions. But make sure that your beauticians should not give you a complete bride look. Also they should not make you feel uncomfortable with the heavy impression of being a main day’s bride.

We will tell you few tips regarding your light makeup for these small functions:
Prefer to go for matte finished products to give that simple look because matte shades absorb light rather than reflect it. Therefore they minimize shine as well as faint lines and imperfections.

Apply base & foundation gently, to give you a balanced look.

Properly define your eye brows and eyelashes. Use light eye shadows and always remember that shadows create a more natural look than eyebrow pencil. Don’t match eye shadow with the eye color.

Do not forget to apply mascara to highlight your eyelashes. Prefer water-resistant and smudge proof mascara.

Apply powder and blush on neck and neckline area for consistent skin tone.

Use lipsticks that go well with your skin tone. Try to avoid dark color lipsticks; go for light shades but avoid colors like pink and fuchsia.

Make sure that the area under your brow is clean and stray hairs have been removed.
After removing the makeup, use the lotion with vitamin C, as it revives the smoothness of the skin and bring back the glow.

So people these are some of the makeup tips for your pre wedding functions to give you a soft and romantic look.



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