Which Eyeliners Work Best for Your Look?

Eyes are the most important and prominent part of the personality. Good eye makeup plays a vital role to beautify your eyes. In eye make up the eye liners are more essential to give a complete look. With the use of eye liner you can enlarge the small eyes with rite application of eye liner.

Markets are stuffed with different types of eyeliners. Numerous brands you found in markets where you can purchase the eye liner from very cheap to very high price values. Before choosing the eye liner first thing you must keep in mind that the safety of your eyes always comes first. Your eyes are more precious than any cost, chose the eye friendly and best quality cosmetics.

How to choose best eye liner?

First of all you have to know about the type of your eyes, the climate where you are living and the occasion where you are going to wear eyeliner.

Types of eyeliner

• Pencil eye liner:

Pencil eye liner are easy to apply, they give soft presentation. If you don’t like the dusky eyes keep the application of pencil eye liner.

• Cake eye liner:

Cake eyeliner look really good on your eyes mostly the girls in Pakistan like to wear it but the application of cake eye liner is much difficult.

• Gel eye liner:

A progress in eye liner range is gel eye liner, very easy application come with worthiest results.

• Powder eye liner:

Powder eye liners are available here. On extra oily skin it results good but they get easily smudged on eyes and not reliable for duration.

Best eye liner

Due to the easy application and awesome results the gel eye liners have proven the best eye liner. Girls with little skills can apply by their own it easily. The quality of best eye liner is that it should not be smudged throughout the day. It should be remain smooth and fresh.

Best Gel Eye Liners are available in Pakistan

Now world is the global village and you can found the international brands in every corner of the world. Leading international cosmetic brands are producing best eye liners. You can chose the brand of your choice but the L’Oreal is a leading and reliable international brand of cosmetics. L’Oreal produced a water proof gel eye liner what last for 24 hours. The result of L’Oreal gel eye liner is awesome.

How to apply the L’Oreal gel eye liner

• Wipe off your eyes completely with wet cotton, let it dry.

• The brush what is available with the L’Oreal gel eye liner dip into the jar. And select the desired amount of gel.

• Wipe off the excessive gel with the tissue, apply a thin or hard line whatever you like along with the eye lashes.

• Let it dry, as you know that it is gel eye liner so it will take the time to be dry.

Price and expiration date of L’Oreal gel eye liner

L’Oreal products are available in the market at big shopping malls and departmental stores. The price of best eye liner of L’Oreal is 1000 to 1200 on different stores. The fluctuation in price found due to the taxes. The expiry dates on the eyeliners usually not mentioned but it is recommended that they should be replace after 6 to 8 month.

Good eye liners may enhance the beauty of your eyes. Many cosmetic companies are producing eye liners but he L'Oreal eye liners are best amongst all them. They are hygienic, easy to apply and long lasting.

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