What is your Hair Textures and Types

The elegance and beauty especially of a female is well identified by hair. Hair is the symbol that tells so much about a person by mere its existence, color and length.

In old times, when there was no existence of cosmetics to enhance the features and a lot depended on home remedies as the hair care tips. Nowadays, a lot of synthetic substitutes are available, thanks to the advanced and magical hair products and treatments.

You must know your hair type and hair texture in order to embark on the journey of getting the style you want to do. Basically, for hair care tips, there are three fundamental hair types of hair textures:

African Caribbean:

This hair type is characterized by thick, dark, tightly curled, knotty and tangled; such deep and dense hair must be handled carefully on treatment. The scope of hairstyling is not broad but not impossible either.


If you have straight, long and lean type of hair, then it is an Asian hair type. Styling is easy but not long lasting. If properly taken care of hair, then this hair type can be strong and thick.


Wavy or curly hair falls into this category and the hair colors vary too. Deep black to light blonde hair color can be seen. Hairdos are undoubtedly best carried by such hair as they have volume and bounce.

Hair textures:

Hair type also has a lot to do with the hair textures that fall into two basic headings: fine and coarse hair. Fine hair generally have closed cuticles that allow hair styling to be set more perfectly and long binding as they support the style of hair you make. While the type of hair texture whose cuticle is open, causing porous hair and create obstacles in perfect hair styling are known as coarse hair.

Hair Care Tips:

For lavishing and luxurious hair, you won’t spend an hour or two in salons or clinics, as it is both time-consuming and expensive. Following are some effective hair care tips to be implemented according to hair type:

  • Regular intake of protein, calcium and iron accelerates hair growth. So eating eggs, lots of fruits and vegetables and having a glass of milk will do that right.

  • Oil your hair weekly, so that your hair gets all the fats and essential oils that make your hair shiny and lustrous, naturally.

  • Trim your hair regularly to eliminate any split ends and give space for growth of new hair.

  • One of the most reliable hair care tip of all times is putting a mixture of lemon and yogurt at least once a month gives your hair the oblivious volume and ricochet.

  • Avoid excessive shampooing. Conditioner is must after shampooing.

  • Try to reach for herbal hair products as they have less chemical that cause damage to hair.

  • Avoid hair dryers, electric curlers and strengtheners as much as you can.

  • Prefer air drying your hair.

  • Comb and brush properly.

  • In extreme weather conditions, cover your crown to protect from weather scathe.

Hair care tips are just the guidelines to make your hair beautiful. Follow them keeping in mind your hair type and cosset your hair as they are truly worth it.

Hair has so many types and textures and the hair care tips must always be adopted according to the hair type. You have to treat your hair well and use the right products so that styling would not cause any harm to your luscious knots.

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