Useful Homemade Pedicure Scrub Recipes

There is a need to maintain feet in a way that they look healthy, neat and well taken care of. For this it is absolutely essential that regular pedicure treatment may be practiced with the aim of giving the feet a silky touch.

The pedicure treatment involves scrubbing and can be categorized as a basic ritual. In this connection, the scrubs available in the market are many and varied but the limitation is that these scrubs contain abrasive chemicals. Such abrasive chemicals cause dryness of the skin, so care has to be exercised in their use and the advisable thing to do is to start using homemade scrubs. The advantage of homemade scrubs is that they are chemical free and have the ingredients that nourish the skin besides cleansing them effectively.

To help out, shared here are three effective and excellent homemade scrub recipes:

Pedicure involving Turmeric and Chickpeas flour

Take a tea spoon of turmeric powder, add to it one cup chickpeas flour plus half cup yogurt and a spoon of   olive oil. Mix and stir till a paste is formed. Proceed further by soaking the feet in warm water for around twenty minutes. Thereafter apply the paste over the feet. Then the paste can be scrubbed away and the result will be complete removal of dirt and all impurities. After this has been done, dry the feet and apply almond oil to moisturize.

Pedicure Scrub using Sugar and Honey

The feet may be placed in warm water for a few minutes. Then honey may be applied and rubbed to the feet and after five minutes soaked once again in warm water. Follow this by mixing sugar and honey and use the mixture to scrub. Use water for washing, dry with towel and go for moisturizing. This is to be done with the help of   vitamin E cream.

Pedicure Recipe with Smoothie

Prepare a mixture of two strawberries, a cup of yogurt, half a cup of orange juice and add a banana. Once the paste is ready, go ahead and place feet in slightly warm and soapy water. Thereafter dry feet with the help of a towel, and apply paste gently. After a few minutes have passed, remove paste mask and then moisturize. To do this use a Vitamin-E rich cream.

Check out these best homemade pedicure scrubs recipes to get rid of cracked heels naturally.

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