Use Of Sunscreen In Winter

After a long harsh summer each one of us is welcoming the winters with a warm smile on our faces. We love the sun in the winters, and think that it’s cold in winters and we don’t need the sunscreen in winters, but we are wrong. Actually we need it more, when we look at simple facts we say that sunscreen in winter is definitely a necessity. The sun is closer to the earth in winters and its rays are even stronger.

It’s true that since in winters you have a layer of clothes on and only your face and hands are exposed to the harmful rays of sun, but it is recommended by the dermatologists to wear sunscreen in winters and all year-round.

During winters and summers we have to make the right choice of sunscreen, it is important to use a sunscreen that protects from brown spots, fine lines and wrinkles on hands and face. The important cosmetic tip for winters would be to use a sunscreen in winters that protects you from UVA and UVB rays, since both of these rays cause the skin to show signs of sunburn. The skin even starts to age, so it is important to protect the skin from these rays.

Sunscreen in winters is important; apply the sunscreen inside and outside. While you work in kitchen even the heat from the stove can damage your skin and when the sun rays penetrate from the windows they damage the skin and cause it to age.

When it comes to the cosmetics tips in winter we would suggest that the ladies use the cosmetics they love, the product that make them feel like a princess. The product they think is worth it. Ladies don’t hesitate to pay a little more for a sunscreen in winters that won’t clog your pores and doesn’t absorb quickly. The sunscreen in winter has to have the appropriate amount of moisture so that it works perfectly for the purpose it is used.

Yes another cosmetic tip for winter would be to make sure you apply sunscreen while you go out in the snow because the snow reflects 80 percent of the ultraviolet rays. Even if you have travelling plans make sure you carry a bottle of sunscreen with you to feel protected and beautiful always.

The most important cosmetic tips is to use the sunscreen in winters because the damage UVA and UVB rays can do to the skin during the winters is worst that the damage done during the summers.

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