Ultimate Prevention of Dark Circles Care in Ramadan

Ramadan is a time of supreme blessings, peace and devotion towards Allah Almighty. It is indeed one of the best months of the year as all the Muslims are going through the same feelings and almost the same routine. Ramadan brings in a lot of change for us with its arrival and we do witness a change in or daily routines all of a sudden due to the timings mainly. Therefore, our sleep, our activities and many other things don’t remain the way they are in normal routine and at times, these changes can be very challenging to cope up with. Dark circles due to sleep deprivation are a common sign that can show up on most of us. The reason for dark circles in Ramadan is mainly lack of sleep and dehydration. But dark circles during Ramadan re not a major problem and they can easily be prevented. Here are a few tips that you can follow for dark circles care in Ramadan.

Take Rest::

Fasting is something which we do not do every day and our body is not very used to it. Moreover, this year, Ramadan has come in the Monsoon season and in the month of August when temperatures are all quite high and the weather is humid. The body is likely to get drained out and exhausted easily and the chances of getting dark circles are very high. Therefore for dark circles care in Ramadan; it is much recommended that you take rest as much as possible and don’t exert yourself too much. If you can do certain stuff that requires exertion after Ramadan then leave it to be done after Ramadan

Consult your Kitchen:

Kitchen is the best place for finding great beauty care products and the same holds true for dark circles care in Ramadan. Take two slices of cucumber and get them cooled in a refrigerator. Put them on eyes for just 10-15 minutes and relax. This will not only soothe your eyes and do great dark circles care in Ramadan but it will relax your body too which is very much needed in Ramadan. Moreover, take used tea bags and get them cooled in a refrigerator too. Put them on eyes for 10-15 minutes on eyes and see its wonders for dark circles care in Ramadan. Both, cucumber slices and used tea bags are great in Ramadan for dark circles.

Drinking Drinks:

Nothing can replace water in skin care therapy ever. The intake of water is perfect for dark circles care in Ramadan. Therefore, drink lots of water during sehri and iftar in order to get rid of dark circles. Moreover, the juices of berries like blueberries, raspberries, cranberries is idea for the prevention of dark circles as they have antioxidants inn them. Moreover, a glass of orange juice either at sehri or iftar in Ramadan is too good for the dark circles care in Ramadan as it regulates the blood in blood vessels and strengthens them with its vitamin C.

So follow these three great and super quick tips to do dark circles care in Ramadan and enjoy beautiful and sparkling eyes always.

In the month of Ramadan, many people experience dark circles around their eyes. Here we are with ultimate prevention of dark circles.

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