Top 10 Beauty Rip offs

It’s the era of technology and advancement. New and improved version of almost everything is now available, be it the tiniest pin or the big LCDs, everything is now improved and advanced. This has aroused awareness and consciousness among the people, as people are well known about their surroundings because of advanced media and globalization.

The increased awareness has also increased beauty consciousness among people all over the world. Not only women but men also, in today’s era are equally concerned about their looks and beauty. Beauty is no more meant for women alone.

With this awareness among both genders, the manufacturer of beauty products has also introduces new and advanced beauty formulas. Now you can find special beauty products for men along with the separate beauty products for women and you there is no doubt in the fact that men are actually buying these products on daily basis.

There are a variety of products available in the market and a wide range of these products can be seen on the market shelves as well as online, but sadly these products are nothing but a show off of nicely packaged, empty beauty hypes with highly priced tags.

These are nothing but a status symbol these days which people buy in order to maintain their standard just because they think that buying a local beauty product will not only affect their beauty but would be waste of money, but that’s a totally conception as all the top beauty products are nothing but a rip-off.

They are just nicely packed into a fancy bottle and sold at extremely high prices which make people think that it is worth spending money. You will be amazed to know that the quality of an expensive beauty product is no different from the one that is being sold in the market for few pennies.

The brands are just selling their labels and nothing else.

Following are the top 10 beauty rip offs:

1. Hand Wash:

hand wash

In today’s modernized world people are accepting new things and with this advancement hand washes have replaced soaps on bathroom sinks but they are similar to the soaps in almost all manners that are; scent, quality etc. expect for the fact that hand wash are available in liquid form. You are just paying double for the same thing that you used previously in another form. If you are more comfortable using it, there are always reasonable hand wash available in the market.

2. Face Wash:

face wash

We can see a lot of fancy bottles of face washes with highly attractive tag lines like “oil free, whitening, deep cleansing, and black heads removal” and many more, but these are just ways of marketing the products at high prices and there are no visible results out of them, instead they are composed of chemicals that not only harmful for skin but damages your eyes. It is better to use beauty soaps whose composition has less chemicals and they are easily affordable.

3. Hair Oils:

hair oil

There are a lot of new types of hair oils available in the market that serves different purposes but they are just expensive chemicals that would destroy your hair instead of making them silky smooth. Go for natural oils like, coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil etc. because they are natural and less expensive.

4. Hair Dyes:

hair dyes

Hair dyes that big labels are supplying are expensive, dangerous and last for a very less time. Natural dyes like henna costs you few pennies and are very useful as they make your hair smooth, silky and helps in their growth.

5. Conditioners:


Shampoos and conditioners are something you buy monthly. Don’t waste your money on expensive conditioners because all the conditioners are same. If you don’t have time issue use egg, yogurts and oil as natural conditioners.

6. Skin Lightening Soaps:


These skin lightening soaps are nothing but illusions. They just end up destroying your skin type so just stick to your previous product.

7. Moisturizers:


Dry and flaky skin is a major problem faced by women; don’t go for expensive moisturizers as all the moisturizers equally serve the purpose. For the sake of saving money use glycerin, lemon and rose water mixture as your home made moisturizer.

8. French Manicure Kits:


Brands are providing expensive manicure and nail art kits that are not worth spending money as after a day or so it starts wearing off and makes your nails look old and rough. Go for the nail paints instead that are less expensive and lasts longer.

9. Women’s Epilator:

beauty products

An expensive epilator does the same job as the wax does. Why spend thousands when you can get your work done in few bucks.

10. Day and Night Creams:


Day and night creams, especially the anti-aging creams are the biggest rip-offs as they promise to make you look younger but they are just a source of moisturizing skin and you can get that by using an average moisturizer in few amount of money.

Therefore, choose wisely and do not just go with the changing new trends blindly! Invest your money according to its worth.

Everyone wants to look good. There are simple tips one can follow and make themselves look appealing and graceful.

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