Thinning Hair Solutions

There are so many reasons of thinning hair; some lose their hair due to illness majorly when suffered from cancer and treated through chemotherapy, some people lose their hair due to medication and mostly hair lose can be inherited from a parent. Women hair starts getting fall usually after delivery or while taking birth control pills.

It can be happen by hair colors which may contain harsh chemicals. Some people face thinning hair problem all over their head and some face just from center of their head. There are so many thinning hair solutions which you can try to solve your problem. I am sharing some hair care tips to help protect your hair, prevent further hair loss and add volume to your existing hair.

1. Improve your diet:

Healthiness of hair is directly link up to what we eat. A lack of minerals, calcium and iron can cause thinning hair or hair loss. So, take a look on your food and try to eat iron-rich foods such as liver, kidney, spinach, bran flakes and soya products. Protein and zinc are also important for our hair.

You can get enough protein from your diet by eating meat, eggs, cheese, nuts and fish and can take zinc from wheat germ, pumpkin seeds and shellfish. Milk and yogurt are also good for hair to make them strong and B vitamins, especially B5 which are believed to play an important role in hair growth, elasticity and strength. So you can get it from eggs, nuts, beans and whole meal bread.

2. Take supplements and vitamins:

If you are not getting enough iron and zinc from your food than another option is of taking supplements which are easily available in medical shops. But you must take them continuously otherwise their benefits can get stop.

3. Use Volumizing Hair Products:

In start use shampoos or conditioners with volumizing property but be careful while purchasing as many volume-building hair products contain paraffin, which is made of beeswax which is not good for hair because it may build up and can make hair break. So, look those shampoos which contain rice or wheat proteins. You may also apply mousse at your root areas for support and then start blow drying that area. It will also give your hair volume.

4. Oil Massagers:

Aromatherapy is an old and very effective way to feed hair to make them strong, thick and long. The massage of coconut, olive, sesame, caster or almond oils is essentials for increasing blood circulation to the scalp. It helps to nourish the roots to give them strength. Another recipe to massage daily onto your scalp at night; mix 3 drops (rosemary), 2 drops (thyme), 2 drops (atlas cedar wood), 3 drops (lavender) into half a teaspoon of (jojoba oil) and 4 teaspoons of (grape seed oil). You may also mix one egg with half cup of yogurt and massage your hair then leave it for about half an hour and then rinse it with quality scented shampoo. It will directly provide proteins to your hair to make them thick and strong.

With all these treatments try to avoid making ponytails or braids too tight as it can put excess tension on your hair which can make hair roots weak and cause hair breakage. One thing more whenever you wash your hair, wash them with cool or cold water as it will close the cuticle and help it to slightly swell to make hair look thicker.

If nothing will give benefit to your hair then consult to dermatologist to take further advices. He/she may recommend you final treatment of laser light as it may stimulate your hair growth to help fight thinning hair. The result of – low energy laser light- treatment shows within 2 to 4 months. Another final solution is of hair transplant which is now very effective and can help to re-grow your hair naturally.

40% of women have experienced temporary or long term hair loss but people who are facing such issue, don’t get worry as there are so many solutions of thinning hairs.

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