Things You Don’t Know About Face Oils

Oil on the face is considered to be the biggest skin issue and a number of oil free products are used for this purpose. It is often recommended to the people who have oily skin to stop moisturizing; only use oil free products, use toner, carry blotting papers with them and the list go on. There are many things which you don’t know about your face oil.

Before knowing these facts, the first question you should ask yourself that do you really have oily skin or it is just a little shine in the summer only? Little shine on the face due to oil in summer is a clear giveaway that you have a combination skin. Most combination skin experience shine especially in summer time as summer humidity triggers oil production like crazy. So first of all analyze  whether your skin is oily or not.

Oil emerging out from the face is considered to be the worst thing in your beauty realm. But the fact is that oil on the face makes your skin even softer and suppler. Face oil shield your skin by providing it a protective layer to keep dirt out of your skin pores. Oil on the face helps in hiding aging symptoms from the skin. The people having oily skin are less likely to show aging affects and wrinkle on the face than those who have dry skin.

People use oil free products to get rid of the excessive oil from the face but the fact is by using such products you are stripping your skin’s natural oils. When you strip off natural oils from your skin, your skin responds and produces more oil. After few hours when you have stripped your skin down to super clean, it’s nothing but an oil slick again and the process continues.

The reality is that when you feel your skin is super clean, it is non protective and more vulnerable. Stripping oil from the skin can actually cause an overproduction of oil. Skin always replaces what is lost over time. The people who use oil free products often end up with dehydrated, irritated and sensitized skin.

It is suggested for keeping away the face oil that you must use a cleanser with a toner or astringent to balance the skin. It is not a must do for oily complexions only. In fact all skin type can follow the cleanser with a toner or astringent to balance the skin.

It is misconception that a person having oily skin should not use moisturizer. By using harsh cleanser and not applying moisturizer you will forego extra moisture.

Your skin will begin to produce excessive oil. So it is necessary to always keep your skin moisture. By doing this daily you will regulate your oil production so it does not overproduce skin oil sebum. To minimize shine from face throughout the day, use blotting paper. Always use light weight moisturizers with advanced formulations that will target excessive oil from skin and assist in lowering oil production.

We must know the facts about face oils. Find out many truths and myths about the face oil that you did not know before. These truths will assist you in taking care of your skin more efficiently.

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