The Secret to Looking Good This Summer

Greatest weaknesses of females are appreciation of their beauty. But sometime they are careless about themselves, they didn’t care about the freshness of their skins, on the other hand they always wish to hear gratitude’s about them.

Nature gives lot natural resources which improves the freshness of skin. Tension free mind with full of hopes can also effect a lot to improve freshness of skin. As summer is the warmth season of year, and it has long hottest days and shortest nights. And in the summer skin wants more attention for protection and looking shiny. Outfits are also changed in summer. Here are some tips to looking good in summer:

Get life through shower:

In hot summer days shower is necessary to get freshness. To get relaxation after a heartache day, shower is the best treatment. It’s give you freshness and your skin goes healthy. Water has proteins, which gives freshness to the skin.

Avoid direct sun rays:

Sun bath is good for health, because sun has a plenty of vitamin D. But too much sun rays are causes dangerous for skin. Whenever, you going out from home take hat for protection of your skin and shiny hair. Now a day variety of hats are available which gives you a stylish look as well and also gives you protection.


Colour for summer:

In summer use the colour which gives you freshness and healthy looks. Use brightens colours but not sharp which looks odd to your eyes. Like green colour gives the impact of nature, and has a healthy sign.

Black colour absorbs sun rays which are harmful and causes of stroke as well. Blue colour gives the impression of sky and sea, which are vast, and also gives the fresh look on your beauty. Chooses of colour is important, because colours describes your personality.


In summer variety of dresses are available. Use easy and loss fitting dress, these are comfortable and easy going in heated days. Lose top with trouser or skirt are the best options in summer days. Varieties of unique printed tops are available in market in a very reasonable cost. 


In summer sandals are the best option as compare to shoes or high heels. Especially if you are a working woman, so sandals & and flat chapels will be looking good with tops and loss trouser. And they are too much comfortable in long working hours.



Normally in summer’s skin become oily and have increase moisture, if you put too much layer of makeup, so it will be looking odd and give the impression of your personality very bad. Best option is to use light & simple makeup which is also in trend.

Light lipstick with an eye-liner gives you a fresh and stylish look. In the evening events you may put some blush-on as well, that will be looking owsam. Use rose water before putting base or makeup on your face. This will be the water proof makeup, and make you fresh for long time.


In summer drink plenty of water for healthy skin. And use fresh juices and vegetables for fitness and freshness. And also do some easy exercise to get in shape

Above are few tips for looking good & charming in hot summer days.

In summer our health needs extra effort to looks good. Moisture of skin go down, so skin required more attention as compare to other day.

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