The Miracles Proteins Can Do For Your Hair

Our body requires all kinds of nutrients in proportionate form for better performance which include different vitamins and minerals along with proteins, carbohydrates and fats. When we talk about good and healthy hair, protein plays a vital role in this regard. If you lack protein in your daily diet, this could directly affect the growth, color and texture of your hair.

Hair is composed of special protein called keratin and those who take a balanced amount of protein in their daily diet have good quality hair because they get sufficient keratin from their diet.

Here are some conditions which may appear when your diet lacks proteins. These conditions could be a result of different protein hair treatments as well.

1. Hair loss

This is the most common problem you face when you lack sufficient protein in your diet. As soon as you feel that your hair is becoming thinner, check your diet chart. Include protein rich meals in your diet and consult a good dermatologist for protein supplements. There are many protein hair treatments as well. You might want to visit a good saloon for a protein hair treatment.

2. Lack of hair pigment

Lack of hair pigment is another issue related to protein deficiency in your diet. For this problem, go for keratin rich hair color other then taking protein in your diet. Using a keratin rich hair color will solve the problem temporarily but increasing protein intake will solve it for you permanently.

3. Hair growth

Whenever someone talks about hair growth, a big list of remedies, shampoos and conditioners come in front of you. But before going for any of these things, check your protein intake. When you take less protein, there is less amino acid production and in result, less production of keratin which is responsible for hair growth. Along with this, using a good shampoo, conditioner and hair oil with balanced quantity of protein also helps in hair growth.

4. Over processed hair

At times when we use hair care products which contain a lot of protein and other elements, it affects our hair in a negative way. One can even loose protein from hair by using different hair care products. Always choose a product with contains a balanced quantity of keratin or consult a saloon or dermatologist and do not forget to increase protein intake in your diet.

5. Dry hair

Dry hairs are also a result of lack of protein or by excessive use of hair care products. Oiling is usually suggested for dry hair along with a good protein hair treatment. In this case, there are many keratin rich products which are applied to hair with heat and result in silky and shiny hair. Again, if you have used too many products, consult a specialist for better suggestion.

6. Damaged hair with split ends

Split ends are a big problem especially when you use dryer, straighter and curler on a daily basis. These things result in loss of protein from your hair and your hair becomes dull and damaged with split ends. Always use a protein rich serum before styling your hair. Moreover, go for protein hair treatment at least once a month and trim your hair regularly as it will help in hair growth. Lastly, eat egg, fish, poultry and dairy products for healthy hair.

Hair is composed of special protein called keratin which makes hair strong and healthy. Protein deficiency in diet leads to several hair problems so make sure you take enough protein in your diet. Read on for your protein hair treatment guide.

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