Ten Easy Steps to Do Your Own Manicure

When it comes to nails, one can never compromise they are on the front with you and even everyone around looks at them. If you are having dirty nails and frayed cuticles you will feel shameless. Your nails reflect your personality and that also shows how neat and clean you are. 

Everyone wants good and presentable nails so once take time for yourself and get things which are use for manicure and do it on your own. Doing your own manicure is best way, you will be saving money too.

  1. The first steps starts from removing your old nail polish. All you have to do is that take some cotton balls and a good nail polish remover. With it remove it in a way that hands become clean. 

  2. The next step starts off from is that you just soak your hands in warm water and add little shampoo or even some anti bacterial soap. Also add little bit of olive oil in it make sure you soak your hands for 15 to 20 minutes at least. You can also use scrubs on hands this will help to remove the dirt from the hands. The very important fact of soaking nails in hot water is that it soft your cuticles which helps in cutting and trimming the nails. 

  3. The next and very interesting step is to trim your nails in proper way. An important tip is that while you are trimming your nails makes sure that you trim in just one direction. Create a soft and smooth nail surface. In case your nails are of normal length trim them with shaping trimmer. 

  4. Cuticles are the main thing when you are doing manicure, they don’t get the value they deserve. Cuticles are very important of the nail, they protect your nails from infection and it makes sure that hands don’t get exposed to injurious things. One should always take care of them by giving them good diet.

    If you want to look your nails look presentable than make sure that your cuticles are in shape. Nowadays, cuticles creams are easily available in the markets, the purpose of these creams are that they soften your tissues. Cuticles cream have moisturizer in them which protect them. Apply this cream on your nails almost every day and when you are doing manicure, you can also use olive oil instead of this cream. 

  5. After applying the cream use cuticle sticks to push the cuticle towards the base of your own nail. Never try to cut your cuticles. After you are done with this process, moisturize your hands with and let them dry.

  6. The next step is very interesting all you have to do is that buff your nails as they will smooth your nails. For this purpose you can also creams which can soften the nails surface but it is better to do buffing. You can see that the result is same it will look as you have applied the base coat. After buffing nails will become very shinny and you will feel good inside. 

  7. Now on this stage, you have an option to go for French manicure. All you have to do for that is to take a base coat of light pink color and take another color which you are going to use on tip, that should be white nail color.

  8. Take the white nail color and apply it on just the tips of nails in a good way that it don’t get scattered. Let it dry properly. 

  9. The next step is that apply base coat on the nails in a proper way and apply two coats so that the color is visible.

  10. Than in the end you just have to use transparent nail shiner and apply it on the nails to give extra shine to the nails. After this your hands will look beautiful.

A woman is incomplete without manicure. Follow the simple steps and make your hands look beautiful and attractive.

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