Take Care of Hands and Feet in Cold Weather

In order to keep up grace and beauty, hand and feet care is very imperative. These two are the most important parts of the human body and should consistently be cared for. Hands manifest the cleanliness and similarly feet play a fundamental role in overall beauty of a person. After a hot summer, the winter season is now approaching.

The advent of winter means lovely sweaters, comfy warm clothes, coffee, dry fruit and nearness to the heater. Whereas these are the sought after goodies, the adverse side is skin dehydration. Winter season usually leads too many skin related dryness problems. In this regard the hands and feet are affected and there arises a need to prevent dehydration of skin and take care of the dry hands and also make the feet feel better. So here are tips that will be useful:

These hand and feet care tips are given below will help you take care of the skin.



What we need is good blood circulation and at the same time to get rid of laziness. The urge to sleep also rose during this season. For this regular walks are an essential and this will generate the required blood circulation which in turn eliminates laziness and give a feeling of being active.


Feet Care

Take some hot water, add salt to it and soak feet therein. This will bring relief to the feet and wash away the tiredness.


Comfortable Shoe

Avoid wearing uncomfortable shoes. Already the cold has a tiring effect on the feet and discomfort of shoes will increase. So it is advisable that we wear comfortable shoes to relieve feet aches and tiredness.



For relaxation wear socks the whole day. The feet will feel good and relaxed.


Hot Water

Do not use hot water. Every day the hands are washed many times and if we use hot water the result is a venerable skin and the natural moisture gets washed off. Take utmost care of this aspect and avoid hot water for hand washing. The preference must be normal water.


Harmful Soap

There is a need to avoid soap as this results in dryness of the skin. Use of mild soap is recommended and that too not too frequently.


Hand Moisturizer

The moisturizer has to be used for a good feeling.



In winter the intake of water reduces considerably. This is harmful. To prevent harm to the skin, keep drinking water 7 to 10 glasses of water in a day.

Hands and feet are essential part of human body and they demand more care and attention from us.

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