Some Interesting Japanese Skin and Hair Tips

Ever wondered how Japanese women have flawless skin and amazing long locks of hair? Find out now what secrets they have up their sleeves apart from genes and heritage.

When it comes to Japanese women, beauty and skin is so thoroughly visible. They have gorgeous locks of hair and a flawless skin. Ever wondered how they do it? It’s not just genes and nightingale droppings for them.

They have a serious skin and hair friendly way of living that makes them look like perfection. While it may seem like they would have complex ingredients to cook up, they only have simple day to day wonders of nature that women follow. So here some extremely easy simple Japanese secrets that you can follow in your own daily beauty routine:


Green tea:

Green tea is an amazing product to boost your energy levels, but also rejuvenates your metabolism and makes you skin healthier and better. The heavy antioxidants in green tea help renew skin, fight acne scars, wrinkles and every other beauty blunder for skin that you can think of.

Both animal and human studies have demonstrated that green tea applied topically can reduce sun damage. Apart from this, Green tea is good for diabetics, tooth decay and also cholesterol issues. Next time use green tea before sleeping and when you wake up.


Camellia Oil Magic:

Camellia oil retains its maximum benefit when it is extracted by Cold Pressing, without undergoing any refining process. Camellia oil comes from the famous Japanese camellia flower and has great value for hair and skin. Camellia oil is so highly potent with fatty acids that nourish the skin and help improve collagen. Whether it’s used to remove makeup, cleanse the face, applied all over the skin, or in the hair, this powerful ingredient has been used by many brands such as Chanel, Nuxe, and Lancome etc. This oil is an excellent moisturizer for your skin. It has unparalleled power to seep into the skin, permeating deep into the lower layers and greatly enhancing cell growth to give skin support and flexibility.


Rice Water Toner:

Rice Water is incredibly important to help improve soft skin and hair. One can easily just soak some white rice with water, and then drain the water, keeping it aside. Use it as a toner with cotton pads. Or you can wash your hair, then rinse with the rice water, let your hair sit for a couple minutes with the water, and then rinse again. Only keep the rice water for 2 weeks, then discard it and make a new batch if you want.


Follow easy and simple Japanese tips for improving your hair and skin and feeling undoubtedly flawless.

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