Paint Your Nails With The Love of Pink Color

The summer nail craze will bring the excitement and the real crazy being out of you. Remember painting papers during your childhood, now since you have grown to be a lovely lady you must now play with the nail paints to get in touch with the summer nail fashion. When it’s about nails you have to have a sense of the hottest trends.

With the arrival of summer when everything else is bright, colourful and flowery; it is important that your nails are nude. When the nail craze is in the air then all you need to do is to follow the summer nail trend. For this you have to choose the right colours the earthy undertones. Make sure you choose for colours that never go wrong with the simple earth tones.

As you know summer nail trends will be all about the pastels. The pastel colours will be the most popular during the summers and the most amazing and the surprising colour would be the pink nail colour for the summers. The importance of the colour is simple and easy to judge by looking at how versatile and staple of every woman’s pink nail colour is. May it be the light pink or the bright pink? Pink is the colour for the summers.

Yes, it is common that the light pink polishes are semi-sheer because generally they are used for French manicures but this summer we are using it as it is and enjoying the summer season. The light pink nail colour gives the more refreshing and the more traditional and soft natural look but the bright pink will bring out the devil from within you.

If you think the nude nail craze and the hottest summer nail trend does suit you then go for the bright colours. For the summers the bright colours can be rocked in bright pink that is close to red. Make sure that the bright colour is paired up with a neutral outfit otherwise your dress and the nails will look like a complete mess.

The new excitement for the summer is to have beautiful nails in the festive summer sunny days. When you look beautiful every part of your body has to be absolutely amazing that includes the summer nails as well.

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