Nourish your skin on daily basis

Skin care is extremely essential as these living cells are in constant regeneration. Below our skin, there are a few layers which produce the oil and collagen that gives our skin some support, elasticity and shine. It is important to spend some money on the skin care products.  The first step is to know your skin type. Four kinds of skin types exist within people. There exists oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, normal skin which is a combination of all. 

Dry skin:
If your skin type is such that it gets hydrated easily and lacks the essential oils which keep the skin soft and soothing. If it has a few breakouts then you may call it a dry skin. Apply multiple moisturizers right after taking bath as it hydrates oils from your skin. Thus, it is important to keep the skin moist so that it can compensate for the dryness right away.

Oily skin:
Oily skins have a lot of shine to it. Right after cleansing, the pores get widened and from there the skin gets prominent. At that time, skin gets much susceptible to blackheads, dust, white heads, pimples compared to other skin types and it becomes coarser in texture. Oily skin type tends to attract a lot of dirt compared to other skin types. For such skin types, face needs to be washed as many times as possible with a gentle non-foaming cleanser and warm water. Also, you can use non-alcoholic, hydrating toner which helps in removing added deposits from the skin. What helps throughout the day is oil blotting which can keep the shine under control.

Normal skin:
If your skin type is apparent with oily skin, taut cheeks which alters with season means that it is considered to be normal skin type. In that case wash your face thoroughly with cleansers that specially customized for normal-skin types. Besides that, what you can do is wipe your face continuously with a suitable toner at all times.

Sensitive Skin:
In case your skin is sensitive towards allergic reactions to any kind of beauty products, gets dry and oily towards cold and hot weather conditions then it is considered to be sensitive. This kind of sensitivity can appear in the form of rashes, redness, and acne. In that case, go for makeup, moisturizers and toners which are fragrance free and hypoallergenic. Thus, opt for products which benefit the skin the most.

Skin care is essential for every human being. Daily intake of lots of water and application of the suitable sun block can take care of any skin type.

There are four kinds of skin types such as dry, oily, sensitive or normal skin type. Skin needs special attention as it goes long way with us thus special products need to be used while talking about remedies for such extreme skin types.

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