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Skin care and cleansing is as much necessary as we clean our teeth’s, clothes and body regularly and night is the paramount time when we relax and skin repairs rapidly in the 24 hours. Night cream will resolve the skin problems. At the age of 30 the use of an anti-aging night cream is frequently. At the age of 40 anti-wrinkle creams must be used regularly.

A perfect night cream should be moisturizing, soothing and anti- aging.

Outcomes of night cream:

Night cream is help full for dehydration and moisturizing by revitalization and nourishment of skin and making the complexion fair. Night cream reduces fine lines, wrinkles, spots, pigmentation by removing the signs of anti-aging making skin smooth, glowing and attractive.

Preference of night cream:

A superlative night cream should contain essential active ingredients for quick damage repair like retinoil, salicylic acid, glycolic acid, amino acids, retinyl acetate, collagen, vitamins, and cremidies   etc. A night cream recovers the skin damages better and quickly as compares to a day cream. While using a night cream try to avoid sun exposure.

Selection of a night cream:

Selection of a night cream should depend upon certain aspects like anti – aging, deep moisturizing, dehydrating necessary for the regeneration of skin at night. Selection of a night cream also depends on another criteria that is night cream should be specific according to the skin type. For dry skin night cream is preferred of maximum moisturizing. For oil skin type choose an oil free night cream treatment. For sensitive skin type select a light weight formula night cream with cucumber, aloe vera, tea tree and Neem.

Night creams trend in Pakistan:

In Pakistan women from different classes use different kind of night creams for instance the higher or upper class women use anti-aging creams Now a day’s ponds is the leading brand for night cream skin treatments yielding the magical, flawless results making skin tone fair fresh and glowing. Ponds beauty products have the solution for almost all skin problems.

Such as: 

• Ponds age miracle deep action night cream

• Ponds flawless white re-brightening

• Ponds white beauty pinkish white night cream

• Ponds gold radiance night cream

• Ponds gold radiance youthful night cream

Whitening range:

• Ponds Flawless white skin whitening cream

• Ponds double white whitening cream

• Ponds flawless whitening night cream

• Ponds flawless white facial whitening lightening cream

• Second leading brand for night creams in demand is L’Oreal with a vast range of night creams.

• L’Oreal Paris Revital lifts anti-wrinkle+ firming night cream

• L’Oreal   Pairs age perfect night cream

• L’Oreal Paris Revital moisturizing night cream

• Whitening creams:

• L’Oreal white perfect transparent rosy night cream

• L’Oreal white perfect night cream

• In Pakistan 30 % of females uses Olay night cream to remedy their skin.

• Olay regeneration night recovery

• Olay age defying classic night

• Olay night of Olay firming cream

• Olay white radiance night whitening cream

• Olay natural white night cream

• Olay natural white healthy fairness night cream

• Some women also prefer garnier beauty products and night treatments.

• Garnier nutritionist ultra-lift night anti-wrinkle

• Garnier multi action night cream

• Garnier Skin naturals light overnight fairness cream

In Pakistan middle class or lower class women use local night and whitening creams to maintain their beauty. 

• Golden pearl beauty cream

• Due whitening cream

• Fair & lovely

• Gipsy amazing cream

• Stillmens freckle and bleach cream

Instruction to apply:

Always apply the night cream on your face half hour before going to bed. Wash your face clean it properly by cleansing then dry your skin. Apply night cream in upward and circulation on face and neck.

At night skin repairs the damages more effectively, cells will be regenerated because skin becomes more active and receptive and the use of night cream enhances the damage repairs. The common skin problems as acne, wrinkles, spots, dullness and darkness

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