Makeup Ideas for Christmas 2012

Christmas is here and the festivity can be seen everyone as everyone in the world is preparing for the occasion whether they are buying decorations for their house and Christmas trees or buying presents for your loved ones or even looking up for some new makeup products to give yourself a Christmassy look by following the makeup ideas for Christmas 2012.

 Makeup ideas for 2012 surely reflects the festive mode of the fashion world and the people following the fashion trends definitely need to check out the makeup guide for Christmas 2012 because the makeup guide for Christmas 2012 is all about the festive occasion of Christmas. Do check some of the following makeup ideas for Christmas 2012.

Following are the best makeup ideas for Christmas 2012 to make you all set for the party and enjoying a warm Christmas in this cold winter.

Glossy and Lush Colors

Gofor lush colors for your lips such as red or crimson or glossy red even. It is all about the red as Santa loves the color red as well but you can always go for an alternative color for this season, Chocolate. Yes you can go all chocolaty and enjoy your sweet holidays.

Choose Colors According To Skin Tone

Even though red may be the color of the makeup guide for Christmas 2012 however you may need to little careful while choosing them. Choose the color which suits your complexion and sin tone. Fair should go for bright while people with dark can go for metallic look.

Smoky Look

Go for a smoky look. It will not only look different but it will also enhance your eyes. These are the unique makeup ideas for Christmas 2012 to make your Christmas different from all of the others.

Fake Eye Lashes

If you want to give some more different look to eyes then one of the makeup ideas for Christmas 2012 is to use some fake eye lashes. They will give a unique look to your eyes.


As for the eyeliner, you may want to go for black as it will enhance your eyes.


Make your nails stand out. Go for the darker shades of red.

Trendy Hairstyle

The makeup guide for Christmas 2012 recommends going for a slightly different hairstyle than your usual one. The boy cut hair styles are trendy this season however it would be best if you seek the help from a professional and ask your hair stylist to give you the look which suits you best.

Shimmer and Shine

Everyone loves the shines and shimmer on Christmas. In fact it is one of the makeup ideas for Christmas 2012 to apply a shimmering to yourself however keep in mind not to use too much glitter and shimmer especially on the eyes.

Glamorous Look

For the overall face, the makeup guide for Christmas 2012 suggests to for a fancy glamorous look on this occasion. Red is the color but you can always go for gold or metallic look as well. Avoid gothic if possible.

Christmas is just round the corner and you can hear those jingle bells jingling all the way. It is time to get in a festive mode and follow the latest makeup trends and ideas circling around the Christmas. So let us all see under the makeup tree for the l

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