How to choose suitable Body Lotion for Skin Type

Skin is one of the most sensitive parts of our body for both girls and boys. People have become highly conscious of their skin and purchase numerous applicators to keep it soft, clan and glowy. 

Lotion plays an integral part here since it is something that can be applied at any time and doesn’t even require application on skin for a certain time period.  

These days lotion selection is very difficult due to innumerable varieties and brands in the market. Every lotion brand claims perfect skin.  But intelligence is to pick the lotion according to skin type.  

Various following factors need to be considered before purchasing any lotion for your skin type:

  • Any lotion for dryness will not suit an oily skin and on the other hand, a lotion with the purpose of oily skin will serve the slippery skin specifically. Others include lotion for normal skin type, lotion with natural extracts of fruits etc. It is essential that you understand your skin type and then use specific lotions that are suitable. 
  • Weather also plays an important when selecting an appropriate lotion. The skin of many people remains fresh during summers while others have it smooth in winters. But now, lotion for all seasons is available and you can utilize them.   
  • People are becoming conscious and more aware about skin treatment since it is a lengthy process. So, doctor consultation is a vise step for deciding which lotion to select for our skin type because of the high chances of skin getting spoilt resulting from any wrong decision of lotion taken for the skin.
  • Moreover, advertisements on skin products example fair and lovely, Vaseline and other whitening creams are all in competition and declare they have the best lotion for our skin type. So it’s our discretion to choose a lotion suiting for our skin type which may include brand loyalty, word-of – mouth etc. But one needs to ensure that you do not go on a rampage buying all the brands that come your way, rather be clear minded and focus on the brands providing the best lotion suitable for your skin.
  • Friends, internet, books are other ways to get awareness about choosing an appropriate lotion for skin. Knowledge about lotions for skin is crucial not only for ladies but also men so wrong decision may result in: rashes on skin, skin infection, pimples on skin, open and clogged pores on skin and so on.
  • Age is another factor for lotion selection. Irrespective of your gender, you need to use an appropriate lotion that suits not only the skin but also your age such as anti-ageing lotion, wrinkle free lotion etc.

I hope that you will benefit from the implementation of the above mentioned tips for selecting lotion as per your skin. Especially, do not consider that lotion application is the task of females; rather it is just an expression of care for your skin which should last for a lifetime.

Season, lotion, foundations and age are various factors which might get you thinking why you are unable to get silky smooth skin. Lotion selection is a vital element and has been proven to be the simplest way for the gorgeous look.

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