8 Herbal Hair Tonics to Drink for Hair Loss

In this post, we will talk one of the most unconventional means of tackling the issue – resort to drink hair tonics to prevent/retard hair fall.

So beauties, let us waste not a second more and look at these 8 herbal hair tonics to drink for hair loss.

1. Bhingraj – An Ayurvedic Tonic: Bhringraj is an ayurvedic herb documented to yield positive results against hair fall. This tonic not only nourishes our hair but also improves quality and volume, besides improving our gallbladder and liver liver functions.

2. Gingko Biloba: This herb is reputed to improve and stimulate blood circulation that is quite essential for good hair follicle health. Now this concoction may be applied topically, however, it has been in popular use as an ingredient of herbal tea that is noted to be beneficial for digestion. It is consumed as a supplement by those who suffer from hair fall, not only because of its anti-hair fall properties but because gingko biloba has also given signs of acting as a hair regrowth miracle medication.

3. Peppermint tea: Peppermint is a natural herb that has anti-hair fall properties and is most often used topically on our heads to prevent hair fall. It functions by providing healing properties to the scalp thereby assisting in the growth as well as nourishment of the hair follicles on our head. Peppermint is sometimes consumed with tea, it is added for both flavor and health reasons, and the resulting tea is highly beneficial to prevent hair fall. A staggering 90% plus people who have consumed this peppermint tea tonic have exhibited positive results in hair regrowth as well.

4. Horsetail: This is one of those rare natural herbs but that is used in many hair products. It helps against hair fall by strengthening our hair and hair roots as it contains good quantities of silica. It fights against the brittleness of hair which is one of the major causes of hair fall. Horsetail is consumed either as a supplement or it is taken in as a constituent ingredient in other products. It is advisable however to drink plenty of water when you consume horsetail orally, as it is a diuretic herbal compound.

5. A mixed veg smoothie: There is a homegrown method to fight against hair fall and it is pretty full proof and thereby comes highly recommended. All you need to do is put some apples, a bit of ginger, one whole lemon, a bundle of kale, a bunch of cilantro, some parsley and some celery sticks into a blender and then turn it on. The result is an all-natural health tonic that improves your hair and prevents hair fall as well as premature greying of hair. This juice/tonic is a miracle concoction that has yielded proven results all over the world.

6. Amla Juice: Taking a cue from the previous entry, since we are on the topic of natural juices and herbal tonics that prevent hair loss, it is the right place to talk about amla juice. Amla juice has shown positive results to prevent hair fall and has yielded proven results of boosting hair growth and improving overall hair quality. Amla juice strengthens your hair follicles thereby encouraging hair growth. It is not only consumed orally but is also applied topically on the scalp.

7. Green Tea: This is a miracle beverage. It is too good to be true. It is an excellent drink for it has almost all the good stuff in it. It contains high quantities of enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids, etc… the whole shebang. It is particularly helpful in lowering your DTH levels, which is responsible for your hair loss. Consequently, green tea fights off hair fall and also prevents the dryness of scalp thereby fending off dandruff.

8. Aloe vera juice: Aloe vera is the gooey extract that is highly beneficial for good hair growth and overall hair health. It can be applied topically as well as be consumed orally. Oral consumption of aloe vera juice improves your digestion and also helps in maintaining a steady hormone balance which are both important for having strong hair roots. You can either prepare your own aloe vera juice at home or you can also buy it from any herbal brand that sells really effective aloe vera juice which is meant for drinking.

Well dear readers, we tried to enlist some of the most popular and accessible tonics that you can make at home or avail from the market to drink and thereby reduce your hair fall and improve the overall hair health. We hope that you find our modest attempt helpful and informative.

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